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Disposable workwear is used for “clean room” operations to protect manufactured products from contamination. Disposable coveralls, hygienic (surgical type) face masks, bouffant caps, shoe covers, disposable sleeves and special disposable kits for visitors. When workers are exposed to dangerous substances, aprons and coveralls that protect from chemicals and dangerous particles shall be used.

Working outside may require rain protective clothing. Rain coats or suits of blue, yellow, green or camouflage colors are made of special materials that will not let the water penetrate inside.

When working near open fire it is necessary to wear protective cloth with higher resistance to fire, heat or sparks.

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Waterproof all-purpose apron
80,64 UAH with VAT
Lynx Hi-Vis vestLynx Hi-Vis vest
High visibility vest
81,96 UAH with VAT
High visibility vest with vertical and horizontal reflective strips
104,28 UAH with VAT
Binca PVC coated polyester apronBinca PVC coated polyester apron
PVC coated polyester apron
106,20 UAH with VAT
Atoll beltAtoll belt
Waist belt
113,04 UAH with VAT
Tabalpv PVC apronTabalpv PVC apron
PVC apron
122,76 UAH with VAT
BRASSJA high visibility armletBRASSJA high visibility armlet
High visibility armlet with a fixed badge holder
136,08 UAH with VAT
Renuk PE overshoesRenuk PE overshoes
Disposable polyethylene overshoes
142,68 UAH with VAT
Vapi mob capVapi mob cap
Polypropylene mob cap
157,62 UAH with VAT
MAPOC pockets set for instrumentsMAPOC pockets set for instruments
Set of two removable instruments holders
170,10 UAH with VAT
COVENTRY high visibility vestCOVENTRY high visibility vest
High visibility reusable vest with functional pockets and a zipper
171,60 UAH with VAT
M2gen knee padsM2gen knee pads
2015 cm foamed polyethylene knee pads
189,18 UAH with VAT
Welders over sleeves MANCHBWelders over sleeves MANCHB
Welders leather over sleeves
240,06 UAH with VAT
MA305 rain coatMA305 rain coat
Rain coat with a fixed hood, EN343
250,74 UAH with VAT
Cetus rain coatCetus rain coat
Rain coat
262,80 UAH with VAT
EN304 rain suitEN304 rain suit
Rain suit
266,28 UAH with VAT
Disposable polyethylene apronDisposable polyethylene apron
Disposable polyethylene apron
273,90 UAH with VAT
3 4540+ protective coverall3 4540+ protective coverall
3 4540+ coverall Type 6/5 + radioactive particles protection
282,78 UAH with VAT
Vapi peaked bouffant capVapi peaked bouffant cap
Polypropylene peaked bouffant cap
303,30 UAH with VAT
Neptun rain coatNeptun rain coat
Rain coat
345,54 UAH with VAT
CEINT04 lumbar beltCEINT04 lumbar belt
Adjustable lumbar belt with shoulder straps
Reduced price!
360,00 UAH with VAT
Tasoub welding leather apronTasoub welding leather apron
Welding cow split leather apron
364,14 UAH with VAT
EN400 rain suitEN400 rain suit
Rain suit (waterproof jacket and trousers)
379,38 UAH with VAT
MA400 rain coatMA400 rain coat
Rain coat with decorative reflective strips
387,48 UAH with VAT
Carina rain suitCarina rain suit
Rain suit
405,48 UAH with VAT
Gordon Hi-Vis trousersGordon Hi-Vis trousers
Waterproof high visibility trousers
422,22 UAH with VAT
Zima knee padsZima knee pads
Gel knee pad with outer anti slipping PVC shell
615,24 UAH with VAT
SW10 leather welding apronSW10 leather welding apron
Premium quality leather welding apron
641,52 UAH with VAT
Gordon Hi-Vis jacketGordon Hi-Vis jacket
Waterproof high visibility jacket
670,86 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility trousersPanostyle high visibility trousers
High visibility trousers
903,96 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility vestPanostyle high visibility vest
High visibility vest
919,80 UAH with VAT
Kissi rain jacketKissi rain jacket
Rain jacket
1,022,82 UAH with VAT
Sefton Hi-Vis parkaSefton Hi-Vis parka
Waterproof high visibility parka
1,041,00 UAH with VAT
FR36 welding trousersFR36 welding trousers
These trousers provide comfortable protection in welding and similar processes
1,207,68 UAH with VAT
FR35 welding jacketFR35 welding jacket
This jacket provides comfortable protection in welding and similar processes
1,249,02 UAH with VAT
EASYVIEW high visibility parkaEASYVIEW high visibility parka
High visibility warm coat rain protected
1,399,68 UAH with VAT
High visibility parka with removable fleece insulation
1,425,42 UAH with VAT
OPTIMUM2 high visibility parkaOPTIMUM2 high visibility parka
Multifunctional 3d class high visibility parka; EN343, EN ISO 20471
2,592,00 UAH with VAT
CO600 chemical protection coverallCO600 chemical protection coverall
Reusable protective coverall
3,228,00 UAH with VAT
FR50 flame resistant anti-static coverallFR50 flame resistant anti-static coverall
Protective coverall for works near open fire and flammable liquids
3,473,88 UAH with VAT

Ukrprofzahyst company is a specialized distributor of safety disposable clothing produced by Delta Plus, Cerva, DuPont and 3M. Turning to Ukrprofzahyst will let you buy safety disposable cloth, rain outerwear, high visibility and fire retardant protective clothing as well as receive a qualified help on their selection.

Disposable garments are often used for cleanroom operations in production of food products, pharmaceuticals, electronics, for medical premises etc. Hygienic masks, disposable gloves, polypropylene caps, disposable cleanroom coats and coveralls, overboots, sleeves and aprons are used to protect the products from contamination through contacts with people. Different delegations and inspectors may visit cleanroom operated enterprises. Special sets containing all the necessary disposable clothing can be provided for such visitors. If worker shall be protected from risks which arise in operations involving dangerous substances, special protective coveralls and aprons may be engaged to protect from dangerous particles, droplets and splashes of chemicals. Chemical protective coveralls are divided into 6 groups depending on the type of protection they provide. Starting with levels 6 and 5 (protection from liquid chemicals droplets and fine particles) and to levels 2 and 1 (penetrated by gas and gastight).

Waterproof garments will be useful for works with a lot of water splashes or outside in the rain. Rain coats and suits are often made of polyester coated by PVC, which serves as a barrier to water.

People working near moving transport shall wear high visibility clothing that make people stand out against a background and turn the driver’s attention. EN471 standard defines construction of such cloth. It defines utilization of fluorescent and reflective materials in high visibility clothing. Fluorescent material works during the day, at day breaks and sunsets. Reflective material warns drivers at night. Yellow-green and orange-red vests, pants, coats and parkas for works near moving transport. 

Special clothing with higher resistance to high temperatures, heat and sparks shall be used when working near open fire (welding, gas cutting, boilers, casting metal, etc.). EN11611 standard defines requirements to the clothing for welding and similar works. EN533 standard defines requirements to the clothing for works near open fire and high temperatures.

You can order and purchase disposable protective clothing in retail or wholesale quantities in Ukrprofzahyst internet shop with delivery within Kyiv and Ukraine.

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