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Chemical protection work gloves

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Chemical resistant gloves to protect hands from exposure to acids, alkalis and alcohols are made of latex, nitrile or neoprene. Following the link below you will see a table of material’s relative resistance to various chemicals.

Vital latex gauntletsVital latex gauntlets
Latex chemicals protection gauntlets 0,4 mm; EN388: 1,,1,; EN374-1,2; EN421
22,14 UAH with VAT
VE210 latex gauntletsVE210 latex gauntlets
Latex chemicals protection gauntlets 0,38 ; EN388: 1,,1,; EN374-3
28,14 UAH with VAT
Alto latex gauntletsAlto latex gauntlets
Latex chemicals protection gauntlets 0,6 mm; EN388: 2,1,2,; EN374-3
40,92 UAH with VAT
VE801 nitrile glovesVE801 nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves 0,40 mm thick; EN388: 3,1,,1; EN374-3 JKL
48,24 UAH with VAT
VE330 latex gauntletsVE330 latex gauntlets
Dual latex layers gauntlets 0,6 mm; EN388: 1,,1,; EN374-3:
48,60 UAH with VAT
Duo-Mix 405 latex and neoprene gauntletsDuo-Mix 405 latex and neoprene gauntlets
Latex and neoprene gauntlets 0,70 mm; EN388: 2,1,2,1; EN374-1,2; EN421
51,18 UAH with VAT
Industrial 299 latex gauntletsIndustrial 299 latex gauntlets
Latex gauntlets 0,90 ; EN388: 3,1,2,; EN374-3 AKL
56,82 UAH with VAT
Ultranitril 492 nitrile gauntletsUltranitril 492 nitrile gauntlets
Nitrile gauntlets 0,38 mm; EN388: 4,1,,1; EN374-3 AJKL
61,32 UAH with VAT
PVC7335 PVC gauntlets 35 cmPVC7335 PVC gauntlets 35 cm
PVC coated gauntlets 35 cm; EN388: 4,1,1,1; EN374-1; EN374-2
66,06 UAH with VAT
VE802 nitrile gauntletsVE802 nitrile gauntlets
Nitrile gauntlets 0,38 ; EN388: 4,1,X,1; EN374-3: AJKL
74,16 UAH with VAT
Ve530 neoprene + latex glovesVe530 neoprene + latex gloves
Neoprene and latex gloves 0,70 mm thick; EN388: 3,1,2,1; EN374-3 AKL
78,36 UAH with VAT
Petrel PVC gauntletsPetrel PVC gauntlets
PVC gauntlets with sandy finish; EN388: 4,1,2,1; EN374-1: JKL
97,20 UAH with VAT
VE509 neoprene gauntletsVE509 neoprene gauntlets
Neoprene gauntlets 0,75 ; EN388: 4,1,1,; EN374-3: CIJKL
106,92 UAH with VAT
Technic 420 latex and neoprene gauntletsTechnic 420 latex and neoprene gauntlets
Latex and neoprene gauntlets 0,75 mm; EN388: 3,1,2,1; EN374-3 AJKL
107,52 UAH with VAT
Technic 401 latex and neoprene gauntletsTechnic 401 latex and neoprene gauntlets
Latex and neoprene gauntlets 0,55 mm; EN388: 2,1,1,; EN374-3 AKL
115,74 UAH with VAT
VE510 neoprene gauntletsVE510 neoprene gauntlets
Chemical resistant neoprene gauntlets, 0,78 mm thick, 38 cm long; EN388: 4,1,1,; EN374-3: ABCIJKL
177,18 UAH with VAT
Technic 450 extra-long latex and neoprene gauntletsTechnic 450 extra-long latex and neoprene gauntlets
Latex and neoprene gauntlets 0,75 mm thick, 41 cm long; EN388: 3,1,2,1; EN374-3 AJKL
217,02 UAH with VAT
PVCC600 glovesPVCC600 gloves
60 cm long PVC fully coated gloves; EN388: 4,1,2,1; EN374-2; EN374-3 AKL
224,82 UAH with VAT
Ultranitril 480 extra-long nitrile gauntletsUltranitril 480 extra-long nitrile gauntlets
Nitrile gauntlets 0,55 mm thick, 46 cm long; EN388: 4,1,,2; EN374-3 AJKL
248,58 UAH with VAT
VE766 long protective glovesVE766 long protective gloves
Durable chemical resistant gloves 62 cm long
430,92 UAH with VAT
Veniplus V1383 latex glovesVeniplus V1383 latex gloves
Powder free latex disposable gloves providing protection from aggressive chemicals, EN374-2, EN374-3 GKL
482,10 UAH with VAT
Trident 285 extra-long latex gauntletsTrident 285 extra-long latex gauntlets
Extra-long latex gauntlets 1,00 mm thick, 60 cm long; EN388: 2,1,3,1; EN374-3 ABKL
530,04 UAH with VAT

Chemical protection work gloves are produced of latex, nitrile and neoprene. Depending on the material used and its thickness protection time will differ. The thicker is material of the protective glove the more time will be needed for a chemical to ruin it. But the thicker the glove is hands dexterity worsens. For each working activity an acceptable balance between hands protection and dexterity shall be found.

Besides low price latex chemical resistant work gloves feature excellent elasticity. Such gloves can be used to protect hands from various kinds of acids, alkalis and alcohols. But they shall not be used if the user is sensitive to natural latex, for contacts with animal or vegetable fats and greases, for protection from petroleum products. Nitrile is more durable than latex and not that elastic. It withstands fats and petroleum products much better but it is ruined quickly by acetone and some other similar aggressive liquids. More expensive neoprene will not lose elasticity even at low temperatures. It provides high protection level from many chemicals but as latex is not recommended for works with petroleum products.

You can turn to Ukrprofzahyst to buy chemical resistant gloves and get expert opinion on safety gloves usage. Ukrprofzahyst internet shop offers high quality chemicals protection gloves produced by European companies Delta Plus and Cerva. You can order and purchase hands protection products in retail or wholesale quantities with delivery within Kyiv and Ukraine.

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