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Delta Plus

Delta Plus

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Delta Plus and 3M ear plugs for noise reduction. Disposable ear plugs are usually made of soft polyurethane foam that can restore its shape after deformation and ensure high level of noise protection. Reusable ear plugs are made of soft polymers. Such protectors may be delivered along with cords and storage cases.

Conic foam ear plugsConic foam ear plugs
Roll down foam ear plugs, SNR: 37 dB
3,96 UAH with VAT
Conicco corded foam ear plugsConicco corded foam ear plugs
Roll down foam ear plugs with a polyester cord, SNR: 37 dB, 200 pairs
8,04 UAH with VAT
CONICFIR reusable earplugsCONICFIR reusable earplugs
Reusable earplugs with a cord and a storage box, (SNR): 29 dB
39,90 UAH with VAT
Conicfir010 reusable ear plugsConicfir010 reusable ear plugs
Reusable ear plugs with a polyester cord, pack of 10 pairs, SNR: 29 dB
404,22 UAH with VAT
CONIC200 earplugsCONIC200 earplugs
200 pairs of foamed polyurethane earplugs in a carton box
739,26 UAH with VAT
Conic500 foam ear plugsConic500 foam ear plugs
Ear plug dispenser refill pack, SNR: 37 dB
1,402,38 UAH with VAT
Conicdis ear plugs dispenserConicdis ear plugs dispenser
Ear plugs dispenser for comfortable storage and usage of hearing protectors
2,453,16 UAH with VAT
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