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Protective work footwear to be used at various production sites is designed to protect workers’ feet from falling or perforating objects, low or high temperatures, wet and slippery surfaces or aggressive chemicals. Protective footwear is often made of genuine leather and synthetic materials. Anti-slip, antistatic and oil resistant dual density PU material is often used for outsole production. Many of protective footwear models have metal or composite toe caps and puncture resistant mid soles. White safety foot wear is usually produced for food and pharmaceutical industries. Here you can buy the following safety foot wear: safety sandals, shoes and trainers, boots, rigger boots and waterproof PVC boots.

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CHAUSSETT long socksCHAUSSETT long socks
Warm long acrylic fleeced socks
261,24 UAH with VAT
26413 wellington boots26413 wellington boots
Green waterproof PVC boots
379,08 UAH with VAT
Waterproof PVC work boots
434,34 UAH with VAT
Cobra S1P bootsCobra S1P boots
Welder safety boots S1P
Reduced price!
516,00 UAH with VAT
BC FOOD wellington bootsBC FOOD wellington boots
White PVC boots with nitrile outsole
542,88 UAH with VAT
Taruca slippersTaruca slippers
White slippers with a perforated upper
622,50 UAH with VAT
Administrator Safety S5 wellington bootsAdministrator Safety S5 wellington boots
S5 SRA PVC wellington boots
637,38 UAH with VAT
FIRSTY O1 bootsFIRSTY O1 boots
Work boots O1
679,38 UAH with VAT
FIRLOW 01 shoesFIRLOW 01 shoes
1 safety shoes
732,60 UAH with VAT
Eurofort S5 wellington bootsEurofort S5 wellington boots
Ultimate S5 protection wellington boots
732,78 UAH with VAT
FIRSAN O1 sandalsFIRSAN O1 sandals
Work sandals O1
754,38 UAH with VAT
FIRSTY S1P bootsFIRSTY S1P boots
Work boots with S1P protection
765,00 UAH with VAT
Mornas lined PVC bootsMornas lined PVC boots
Dual PVC boots with fur lining
801,60 UAH with VAT
FIRSAN S1P sandalsFIRSAN S1P sandals
Work sandals with S1P protection
807,12 UAH with VAT
FIRWIN O1 winter bootsFIRWIN O1 winter boots
Fur lined 1 work boots
808,92 UAH with VAT
Gignac2 S5 wellington bootsGignac2 S5 wellington boots
Ultimate S5 protection wellington boots
834,48 UAH with VAT
FIRSTY S3 bootsFIRSTY S3 boots
Work boots with S3 protection
877,32 UAH with VAT
FIRLOW S1P shoesFIRLOW S1P shoes
Work shoes with S1P protection
879,24 UAH with VAT
Viens2 S4Viens2 S4
White wellington boots S4
883,38 UAH with VAT
Maubec SB EA safety clogMaubec SB EA safety clog
White safety clog SB EA
885,78 UAH with VAT
BESTRUN S3 safety shoesBESTRUN S3 safety shoes
S3 protection level classic design safety shoes
907,98 UAH with VAT
BESTBOY S3 safety bootsBESTBOY S3 safety boots
S3 protection level classic design safety boots
907,98 UAH with VAT
FIRWIN S3 winter bootsFIRWIN S3 winter boots
Fur lined S3 work boots
909,24 UAH with VAT
Jet S1 shoesJet S1 shoes
Safety shoes S1
937,08 UAH with VAT
MIAMI S2 SRC shoesMIAMI S2 SRC shoes
White microfiber protective shoes S2 SRC
958,26 UAH with VAT
Robion S2 shoesRobion S2 shoes
White safety shoes S2
970,92 UAH with VAT
Jumper S1 bootsJumper S1 boots
Safety boots S1
988,02 UAH with VAT
Jet S1P shoesJet S1P shoes
Safety shoes S1P
1,013,34 UAH with VAT
A4041 S1 sandalsA4041 S1 sandals
Safety sandals S1
1,024,68 UAH with VAT
Summer safety shoes with metal toe caps and anti-perforation plates
1,032,84 UAH with VAT
Jumper S1P bootsJumper S1P boots
Safety boots S1P
1,056,06 UAH with VAT
Viagi S1P safety trainersViagi S1P safety trainers
Safety trainers S1
Reduced price!
1,092,00 UAH with VAT
FIRWIN S3 high winter bootsFIRWIN S3 high winter boots
Fur lined S3 high work boots
1,107,00 UAH with VAT
4266/2E K S3 CI lined boots4266/2E K S3 CI lined boots
Fur lined safety boots S3 CI
1,136,04 UAH with VAT
Jet S3 shoesJet S3 shoes
Safety shoes S3
1,158,30 UAH with VAT
D-Spirit safety trainers S1 HRO SRCD-Spirit safety trainers S1 HRO SRC
Light weight nonmetal protective trainers S1P HRO
Reduced price!
1,161,60 UAH with VAT
Astura S1 bootsAstura S1 boots
White safety boots S1
1,194,30 UAH with VAT
Rimini S1P safety trainersRimini S1P safety trainers
Safety trainers S1P
1,213,74 UAH with VAT
Lybra S1 sandalsLybra S1 sandals
White safety sandals S1
1,221,42 UAH with VAT
COMO S1P SRC trainersCOMO S1P SRC trainers
Metal toe cap S1P SRC safety trainers
1,241,10 UAH with VAT
Gargas S1 bootsGargas S1 boots
Safety boots S1
1,249,98 UAH with VAT
Fennec S1 shoesFennec S1 shoes
Suede split leather safety shoes S1
1,277,70 UAH with VAT
AB4040/4 S3 CI bootsAB4040/4 S3 CI boots
Lined safety boots S3 CI (22 cm)
1,289,04 UAH with VAT
Fur lined S3 work bootsFur lined S3 work boots
Fur lined S3 CI work boots
1,330,38 UAH with VAT
Fennec S1P shoesFennec S1P shoes
Suede split leather safety shoes S1P
1,345,74 UAH with VAT
PRISM S1P SRC work shoesPRISM S1P SRC work shoes
S1P protection leather work shoes
1,362,84 UAH with VAT
RIMINI III S1P SRC protective shoesRIMINI III S1P SRC protective shoes
Perforated suede split leather shoes, S1P
1,482,54 UAH with VAT
JUMPER S3 safety shoesJUMPER S3 safety shoes
S3 protection level sports design safety shoes
1,492,44 UAH with VAT
JUMPER2 S3 SRC winter safety bootsJUMPER2 S3 SRC winter safety boots
High cut winter safety boots
1,507,50 UAH with VAT
Asti S1P safety trainersAsti S1P safety trainers
S1P nonmetallic safety trainers
1,519,14 UAH with VAT

The right selection of work protective footwear is very important for feet comfort as well as for workers’ safety at production sites. Safety footwear shall be of the right size and provide the kind of protection needed. Producers of work footwear pay attention lately to modern attractive look of their products.

Purchasing good work footwear is no more a hard task in Ukraine. Lately production of more up to date protective footwear started inside the country plus supply volumes of footwear produced by bigger European companies grew substantially. New safety standards adopted in Ukraine also force owners of industrial enterprises switch from usual in the past “juft-kersey” boots to safety footwear that meet requirements of the current standards.

Now it is easy to buy work boots, rigger boots, shoes, sneakers, sandals of various protection level, design and price. The protection that work footwear provides could be read easily. Very often leather footwear has the following marking: 1, 2 or 3 (footwear without protective toe cap, according to EN347-1 / EN ISO 20347) and S1, S2 or S3 (footwear with protective toe cap, according to EN345-1 / EN ISO 20345). Footwear shall have the following characteristics to meet the requirements of 1 level: closed back, hydrocarbon-resistant sole, anti-static, energy absorbing heel. Additional requirements for 2 level: waterproof, and 3 adds puncture resistant and studded sole. Accordingly to meet the requirements of S1 level footwear shall have the following characteristics: safety toe cap designed to withstand a maximum impact of 200 joules and crushing of  15 N, closed back, hydrocarbon-resistant sole, anti-static, energy absorbing heel. Additional requirements for S2 level: waterproof, and S3 adds puncture resistant and studded sole. Low temperatures insulated footwear is marked by «CI». High temperatures insulated footwear is marked by «HI», resistance to slipping on all types of hard floors is marked by «SRC».

Protective toe caps can be made of steel, aluminum or composite. Toe cap’s main task is to protect toes from injuries when heavy objects fall. No matter what material is used for toe cap production it shall withstand defined by the standards tests.

Ukrprofzahyst company is a specialized distributor of safety footwear produced by Delta Plus and Bicap. Turning to Ukrprofzahyst will let you buy safety sandals, shoes, boots, and rigger boots as well as receive a qualified help on their selection.

Ukrprofzahyst internet shop offers high quality work foot wear. You can order and purchase protective shoes or boots in retail or wholesale quantities with delivery within Kyiv and Ukraine.

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