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Work clothing shall comply with special safety requirements of different industries and add to work productivity increase. Material used for workwear production and its construction could lead to work injury. And vice versa, the work clothing chosen to the task will assist in work safety and production rate increase, better ergonomics, lowering expenses for the cloth cleaning and repairing.

We offer workwear sewn of standard material in standardized full-scale production so that that you could buy the same high quality clothing. Work cloth collections produced by Delta Plus and Cerva may consist of the following items: work coveralls, bib overalls, pants, shorts, multi pocket vests, jackets, shirts, tee-shirts, caps.

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Tulle baseball capTulle baseball cap
Cotton baseball cap
64,26 UAH with VAT
Desman baseball capDesman baseball cap
Cotton baseball cap
72,54 UAH with VAT
Jura winter knit capJura winter knit cap
Acryl knitted cap
95,16 UAH with VAT
Atoll beltAtoll belt
Waist belt
106,74 UAH with VAT
Teesta t-shirtTeesta t-shirt
Cotton t-shirt in multiple colors
111,42 UAH with VAT
Kara fleece hatKara fleece hat
Fleece hat Thinsulate lined
146,22 UAH with VAT
Baltic polar fleece balaclavaBaltic polar fleece balaclava
Polar fleece balaclava
153,60 UAH with VAT
Winter knit capWinter knit cap
Wool mixture knitted cap
157,38 UAH with VAT
Verona baseball capVerona baseball cap
Baseball cap
160,02 UAH with VAT
MAPOC pockets set for instrumentsMAPOC pockets set for instruments
Set of two removable instruments holders
160,62 UAH with VAT
M2gen knee padsM2gen knee pads
2015 cm foamed polyethylene knee pads
178,68 UAH with VAT
Desman t-shirtDesman t-shirt
Working t-shirt
214,26 UAH with VAT
2 Corporate shirt2 Corporate shirt
Premium quality work shirt
Reduced price!
382,20 UAH with VAT
Tours sweaterTours sweater
Warm working sweater
501,78 UAH with VAT
Panostyle vestPanostyle vest
Panostyle multi-pocket vest
503,04 UAH with VAT
LION thermal long johnsLION thermal long johns
LION thermal long johns
519,78 UAH with VAT
Titan padded Bib & BraceTitan padded Bib & Brace
Polyester padded Bib & Brace
526,02 UAH with VAT
Karela fleeceKarela fleece
Fleece jacket
528,36 UAH with VAT
Sierra bodywarmerSierra bodywarmer
Work bodywarmer
533,34 UAH with VAT
PALAOS working trousersPALAOS working trousers
Working trousers made of prewashed cotton fabric
533,94 UAH with VAT
Triton bodywarmerTriton bodywarmer
Multi-pockets work bodywarmer
539,40 UAH with VAT
Max reflex pantsMax reflex pants
Cotton work pants with reflective strips
550,26 UAH with VAT
PALAOS working jacketPALAOS working jacket
Working jacket made of prewashed cotton fabric
559,02 UAH with VAT
Desman vestDesman vest
Working vest
584,52 UAH with VAT
Urban parkaUrban parka
Parka with removable fleece liner
600,00 UAH with VAT
LION thermal undershirtLION thermal undershirt
LION thermal undershirt
605,76 UAH with VAT
Atlas parkaAtlas parka
Work parka
612,54 UAH with VAT
Panostyle trousersPanostyle trousers
Panostyle working trousers
636,12 UAH with VAT
D-Mach trousersD-Mach trousers
Working trousers
657,90 UAH with VAT
Stockton bodywarmerStockton bodywarmer
Mach2 collection bodywarmer
Reduced price!
658,80 UAH with VAT
Mach2 vestMach2 vest
Working multi-pockets vest
670,74 UAH with VAT
VERNON polar fleece jacketVERNON polar fleece jacket
Black, red or royal blue fleece jacket
680,52 UAH with VAT
Desman trousersDesman trousers
Working trousers
691,44 UAH with VAT
Mach2 trousersMach2 trousers
Working trousers
694,92 UAH with VAT
Panostyle jacketPanostyle jacket
Panostyle working jacket
702,84 UAH with VAT
Max reflex Bib & BraceMax reflex Bib & Brace
Cotton work Bib & Brace with reflective strips
705,96 UAH with VAT
Max reflex jacketMax reflex jacket
Cotton work jacket with reflective strips
707,70 UAH with VAT
Mach2 jacketMach2 jacket
Working jacket
712,26 UAH with VAT
Fidji bodywarmerFidji bodywarmer
Bodywarmer with fleece lining
712,98 UAH with VAT
Beaver bodywarmerBeaver bodywarmer
Work bodywarmer with branding access zip
720,48 UAH with VAT

Ukrprofzahyst company is a distributor of workwear produced by Delta Plus and Cerva. European work wear producers Delta Plus and Cerva companies pay a lot of attention to design and functionality of the products produced. They take into account various factors when developing a new collection:

- material’s color  and compatibility of colors of different clothing elements;

- working clothing functionality (special pockets and holders for badges, knee pads, pens, mobile phones, rulers, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.)

- usage of special materials, able to withstand mechanical tension with no apparent changes and which will not shrink after washing;

- usage of accessories, able to withstand work load during the work clothing wearing time;

- premium work clothes usually have reinforcements at points of higher usage tension;

- versatility of work clothes collection different items usage: workers of the same enterprise look like a team and at the same time depending on the kinds of working activity and individual preferences work wear sets may consist of different items of the same collection. For example: jacket + pants; t-shirt + overall; vest + t-shirt + pants; etc.

Turning to Ukrprofzahyst will not only let you buy work coveralls, bib overalls, pants, shorts, multi pocket vests, jackets, shirts, tee-shirts, caps of different work cloth collections but also receive advice on the products selection and usage. Max work cloth collection, produced of 100% cotton material, differs by its low price. Panostyle, Mach2 (Delta Plus) and Desman (Cerva) series products are priced higher but the functionality and appearance of such cloth are much better. D-Mach, Mach2 Corporate (Delta Plus) and Emerton (Cerva) series products belong to premium workwear. High prices for such products are compensated by higher functionality, durability and better design.

Besides wide assortment of summer work wear we also offer winter (insulated) work clothes. Work pants and overalls may have additional layers for thermal insulation. Work parkas are made of special materials able to protect the user from wind, rain and cold weather. It is necessary to understand that there is no ideal clothing for every kind of work at all work conditions. Parkas with higher insulation level may work very well at -20°C and low physical work load but they will be unacceptable at -15°C and high physical work load. Wide assortment of winter work clothes will let you select items of preferred pricing and performance characteristics.

Ukrprofzahyst internet shop offers high quality work wear produced by European companies Delta Plus and Cerva. You can order and purchase work clothing in retail or wholesale quantities with delivery within Kyiv and Ukraine.

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