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Work clothing shall comply with special safety requirements of different industries and add to work productivity increase. Material used for workwear production and its construction could lead to work injury. And vice versa, the work clothing chosen to the task will assist in work safety and production rate increase, better ergonomics, lowering expenses for the cloth cleaning and repairing.

We offer workwear sewn of standard material in standardized full-scale production so that that you could buy the same high quality clothing. Work cloth collections produced by Delta Plus and Cerva may consist of the following items: work coveralls, bib overalls, pants, shorts, multi pocket vests, jackets, shirts, tee-shirts, caps.

Tulle baseball capTulle baseball cap
Cotton baseball cap
55,80 UAH with VAT
Desman baseball capDesman baseball cap
Cotton baseball cap
65,70 UAH with VAT
Teesta t-shirtTeesta t-shirt
Cotton t-shirt in multiple colors
109,26 UAH with VAT
Desman t-shirtDesman t-shirt
Working t-shirt
199,68 UAH with VAT
Titan padded Bib & BraceTitan padded Bib & Brace
Polyester padded Bib & Brace
271,08 UAH with VAT
Tours sweaterTours sweater
Warm working sweater
501,78 UAH with VAT
LION thermal undershirtLION thermal undershirt
LION thermal undershirt
519,78 UAH with VAT
Karela fleeceKarela fleece
Fleece jacket
528,36 UAH with VAT
Triton bodywarmerTriton bodywarmer
Multi-pockets work bodywarmer
539,40 UAH with VAT
Max reflex pantsMax reflex pants
Cotton work pants with reflective strips
549,30 UAH with VAT
Max reflex Bib & BraceMax reflex Bib & Brace
Cotton work Bib & Brace with reflective strips
554,04 UAH with VAT
LION thermal long johnsLION thermal long johns
LION thermal long johns
605,76 UAH with VAT
Desman vestDesman vest
Working vest
639,00 UAH with VAT
Max reflex jacketMax reflex jacket
Cotton work jacket with reflective strips
644,70 UAH with VAT
Emerton trousersEmerton trousers
Black working trousers
674,82 UAH with VAT
Desman trousersDesman trousers
Working trousers
691,44 UAH with VAT
Desman ladies trousersDesman ladies trousers
Ladies trousers
691,44 UAH with VAT
Beaver bodywarmerBeaver bodywarmer
Work bodywarmer with branding access zip
696,60 UAH with VAT
Desman jacketDesman jacket
Working jacket
724,86 UAH with VAT
Desman ladies jacketDesman ladies jacket
Ladies jacket
724,86 UAH with VAT
Atlas parkaAtlas parka
Work parka
782,64 UAH with VAT
Emerton jacketEmerton jacket
Black working jacket
792,48 UAH with VAT
Rodd winter trousersRodd winter trousers
Padded waterproof trousers
817,26 UAH with VAT
Desman Bib & BraceDesman Bib & Brace
Working Bib & Brace
894,96 UAH with VAT
Desman ladies Bib & BraceDesman ladies Bib & Brace
Ladies Bib & Brace
894,96 UAH with VAT
Pilot bomberPilot bomber
3 in 1 work bomber
911,88 UAH with VAT
Emerton Bib & BraceEmerton Bib & Brace
Black working Bib & Brace
982,86 UAH with VAT
Libra parkaLibra parka
Work parka with removable sleeves
1,049,28 UAH with VAT
Desman Plus parkaDesman Plus parka
Working parka of contemporary design
1,190,82 UAH with VAT
Ultimo parkaUltimo parka
Work parka with extra durable outer material
1,354,86 UAH with VAT
Emerton parkaEmerton parka
Black parka
1,460,40 UAH with VAT
Desman coverallDesman coverall
Working coverall
1,486,14 UAH with VAT
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