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Work gloves to protect hands from cuts, impacts, chemicals, high or low temperatures. Disposable gloves, knitted gloves with different types of coatings, leather work gloves, chemicals resistant gloves or gloves made of such materials as Kevlar, Nomex, Dyneema or TAEKI can be used depending on the kinds of working tasks performed.

Work gloves to protect hands from mortal danger industrial risks undergo mechanical strength tests according to EN388 standard. Depending on the tests results received protective work gloves are marked by the EN388 pictogram and the sequence of 4 figures where the first one means resistance to abrasion, the second - blade cut resistance, the third - tear resistance, and the forth - puncture resistance.

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169 knitted gloves with PVC dots169 knitted gloves with PVC dots
Cotton and polyester knitted gloves with PVC dots
15,90 UAH with VAT
VE702PG PU coated glovesVE702PG PU coated gloves
Polyurethane coated polyester gloves, EN388: 4,1,2,1
19,80 UAH with VAT
VE702PN PU coated glovesVE702PN PU coated gloves
Polyurethane coated polyester gloves, EN388: 3,1,2,1
20,40 UAH with VAT
Osprey sewn gloves with PVC dotsOsprey sewn gloves with PVC dots
Cotton sewn gloves with PVC dots
21,00 UAH with VAT
VE210 latex gauntletsVE210 latex gauntlets
Natural latex gloves, thickness 0,38 mm, length 30 cm, EN388: 0,0,1,0,X; EN374-1 TYPE C: K, L
26,10 UAH with VAT
VE712 nitrile coated glovesVE712 nitrile coated gloves
Polyester knitted nitrile coated gloves, EN388: 4,1,2,1
27,00 UAH with VAT
VE702GR polyurethane coated glovesVE702GR polyurethane coated gloves
Silicone free polyamide knitted PU coated gloves, EN388: 4,1,3,1
33,00 UAH with VAT
VE630 latex coated glovesVE630 latex coated gloves
Knitted gloves with foamed latex coatings, EN388: 3,1,2,1
33,90 UAH with VAT
VE715GR nitrile coated glovesVE715GR nitrile coated gloves
Knitted polyester gloves with 3/4 nitrile coating, EN388: 4,1,2,1
34,20 UAH with VAT
VE722 foamed nitrile coated glovesVE722 foamed nitrile coated gloves
Foamed nitrile coated working gloves, EN388: 4,1,2,1
36,90 UAH with VAT
TAE10 acryl knitted glovesTAE10 acryl knitted gloves
TAE10 acryl elastane knitted gloves to protect from cold
37,20 UAH with VAT
VE799 latex coated glovesVE799 latex coated gloves
Latex coated tough grip gloves; EN388: 3,1,3,1
37,20 UAH with VAT
NI150 nitrile coated glovesNI150 nitrile coated gloves
Nitrile on cotton jersey lining with ventilated back; EN388: 4,1,1,1
41,70 UAH with VAT
VE730 foamy latex coated glovesVE730 foamy latex coated gloves
Polyester and cotton knitted latex coated gloves, EN388: 2,2,4,2
43,20 UAH with VAT
VE801 nitrile glovesVE801 nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves, thickness 0,40 mm, length 33 cm, EN388: 3,1,0,1,X; EN374-1 TYPE A: J, K, L
44,70 UAH with VAT
VE330 latex gauntletsVE330 latex gauntlets
Natural latex gloves, thickness 0,60 mm, length 30 cm, EN388: 1,0,1,0,X; EN374-1 Type A: A, K, L, M, N, P, T
45,00 UAH with VAT
VE830 nitrile gauntletsVE830 nitrile gauntlets
Nitrile gloves, thickness 0,20 mm, length 33 cm, EN388: 2,0,0,1,X; EN374-1 TYPE A: J,K,L,O,P,T
47,40 UAH with VAT
PVC7327 PVC coated glovesPVC7327 PVC coated gloves
PVC gloves, length 27 ; EN388: 3,1,1,1; EN374-2; EN374-3
49,20 UAH with VAT
DR605 furniture cowhide leather glovesDR605 furniture cowhide leather gloves
Furniture cowhide leather, canvas back; EN388: 3,1,2,1
50,40 UAH with VAT
DC103 cowhide split leather glovesDC103 cowhide split leather gloves
Cowhide split leather rigger; EN388: 2,1,1,1
57,00 UAH with VAT
PVC7335 PVC gauntletsPVC7335 PVC gauntlets
Fully covered PVC gloves, thickness 0,90 mm, length 35 cm, EN388: 3,1,3,1,X; EN374-1 Type : K
61,20 UAH with VAT
VE713 nitrile coated glovesVE713 nitrile coated gloves
Polyamide knitted gloves with double nitrile coatings, EN388: 4,1,2,1
64,20 UAH with VAT
VV791 antistatic glovesVV791 antistatic gloves
Antistatic polyamide plus copper knitted gloves; EN388: 1,1,3,X
67,50 UAH with VAT
VE802 nitrile gauntletsVE802 nitrile gauntlets
Nitrile gloves, thickness 0,38 mm, length 33 cm, EN388: 4,1,0,1,X; EN374-1 TYPE A: A,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,T
68,70 UAH with VAT
VE530 latex and neoprene gauntletsVE530 latex and neoprene gauntlets
Latex and neoprene gloves, thickness 0,70 mm, length 30 cm, EN388: 2,1,2,1,X; EN374-1 Type A: J,K,L,N,P,T
72,60 UAH with VAT
VE727 PU coated glovesVE727 PU coated gloves
Knitted PU coated gloves with nitrile dots, EN388: 3,1,3,1
80,70 UAH with VAT
DS202RP double palm rigger glovesDS202RP double palm rigger gloves
High quality double palm rigger gloves; EN388: 4,2,2,3
85,20 UAH with VAT
VE509 neoprene gauntletsVE509 neoprene gauntlets
Neoprene gloves, thickness 0,75 mm, length 30 cm, EN388: 3,1,1,0,X; EN374-1 TYPE A: A,K,L,M,N,O,P,T
99,00 UAH with VAT
VV750 nitrile coated warm glovesVV750 nitrile coated warm gloves
Nitrile coated winter work gloves, EN388: 3,2,3,1; EN511: x,2,x
104,70 UAH with VAT
TC716 welding gauntletTC716 welding gauntlet
Split cowhide leather welders gauntlet; EN388: 2,1,4,2; EN407: 4,1,3,X,4,X; EN12477: Type A
126,00 UAH with VAT
Venicut5M cut resistant sleeveVenicut5M cut resistant sleeve
Cut and heat resistant sleeve 45 cm; EN388: 4,5,4,; EN407: x,1,x,x,x,x
126,90 UAH with VAT
VE920 latex coated gauntletsVE920 latex coated gauntlets
Latex on cotton jersey lining; EN388: 4,1,2,1; EN407: ,1,,,,; EN374-3: AKL
128,40 UAH with VAT
DF132 lined leather docker glovesDF132 lined leather docker gloves
Winter leather riggers with flannel lining; EN388: 3,1,3,2; EN511: 1,2,0
136,20 UAH with VAT
CA615K welding gauntletCA615K welding gauntlet
Cow split leather welding gauntlet; EN388: 3,1,3,3; EN407: 4,1,3,,4,; EN12477: Type A
146,10 UAH with VAT
FCN29 cowhide leather glovesFCN29 cowhide leather gloves
Full grain cow leather palm, split cow leather back; EN388: 2,1,2,1
149,40 UAH with VAT
VV836 PVC/nitrile gauntletsVV836 PVC/nitrile gauntlets
PVC and nitrile combination coated gauntlets; EN388: 3,1,2,1,; EN374-3 KLMP
163,50 UAH with VAT
VE510 neoprene gauntletsVE510 neoprene gauntlets
Chemical resistant neoprene gauntlets, 0,78 mm thick, 38 cm long; EN388: 4,1,1,; EN374-3: ABCIJKL
164,10 UAH with VAT
VV736 winter glovesVV736 winter gloves
Acrylic lining and full latex coating gloves
170,16 UAH with VAT
Vinyl disposable gloves V1371Vinyl disposable gloves V1371
Powdered vinyl disposable gloves, EN374-3
171,90 UAH with VAT
Venicut55 cut 5 + heat resistant glovesVenicut55 cut 5 + heat resistant gloves
Taeki 5 cut level 5 and heat resistant for contact up to 100; EN388: 3,5,4,; EN407: ,1,,,,
171,90 UAH with VAT
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