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Working with infected animals

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Avian or pig influenza, African swine fever, foot and mouse disease, brucellosis, glanders are animals’ infection diseases that may be mortally dangerous for people. The following personal protection equipment shall be used for any contact with infected animals or poultry: particulate respirator, goggles, fluid resistant boots, gloves and coverall. Personnel shall be trained in proper use and disposal of personal protection products.

Please, notice, that the information below shall be regarded only as general information. We cannot take into account the real working conditions. The information provided shall not be considered as a recommendation to use certain PPEs in your working processes.

1200VWC FFP2 respirator1200VWC FFP2 respirator
Particulate cup shaped valved respirator FFP2 + nuisance level organic vapor protection
33,00 UAH with VAT
1300VC FFP3 respirator1300VC FFP3 respirator
Particulate flat fold valved respirator FFP3
36,90 UAH with VAT
VE801 nitrile glovesVE801 nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves 0,40 mm thick; EN388: 3,1,,1; EN374-3 JKL
48,24 UAH with VAT
1300VC FFP3 respirator1300VC FFP3 respirator
Particulate cup shaped valved respirator FFP3
60,06 UAH with VAT
Tabalpv PVC apronTabalpv PVC apron
PVC apron
122,76 UAH with VAT
Galeras gogglesGaleras goggles
Indirect ventilation goggles
128,58 UAH with VAT
DT117 coverallDT117 coverall
Coverall Type 6/5 + radioactive particles and biologically active substances protection
135,42 UAH with VAT
26413 wellington boots26413 wellington boots
Green waterproof PVC boots
291,36 UAH with VAT
Nitrile disposable gloves V1400B100Nitrile disposable gloves V1400B100
Powder free nitrile disposable gloves, EN374-2, EN374-3
322,68 UAH with VAT
Eurofort S5 wellington bootsEurofort S5 wellington boots
Ultimate S5 protection wellington boots
578,52 UAH with VAT
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