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Delta Plus

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Knit work gloves are very comfortable in use. Exceptional air permeability and very good hands perceptibility. Thin sewn gloves and tight fitting knit gloves produced of cotton or nylon thread. Covering hands and palm with PVC dots will greatly enhance gloves grip. Knit gloves made of acrylic thread which has better thermo-isolation properties will be suitable for works performed at low temperatures. Such gloves maybe worn under others work protective gloves.

CO131 knitted glovesCO131 knitted gloves
Thin knitted work gloves 155 /2
Reduced price!
5,28 UAH with VAT
169 knitted gloves with PVC dots169 knitted gloves with PVC dots
Cotton and polyester knitted gloves with PVC dots
17,76 UAH with VAT
460 knitted gloves460 knitted gloves
Seamless cotton gloves 460 /2
18,78 UAH with VAT
Osprey sewn gloves with PVC dotsOsprey sewn gloves with PVC dots
Cotton sewn gloves with PVC dots
23,52 UAH with VAT
TAE10 acryl knitted glovesTAE10 acryl knitted gloves
TAE10 acryl elastane knitted gloves to protect from cold
41,64 UAH with VAT
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