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Delta Plus industrial safety helmets for head protection from falling objects. Outer shells of Delta Plus safety helmets are made of UV-resistant high density polypropylene (Quartz helmets series) or ABS (Baseball Diamond V). Quartz line of safety industrial helmets can be additionally equipped with protective screens, ear muffs and chin straps. Work helmets may have higher electrical insulation characteristics or adjustable ventilation.

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JUGALPHA chin strapJUGALPHA chin strap
Chin strap for helmets QUARTZ and BASEBALL DIAMOND
15,66 UAH with VAT
MENTALPHA chin strapMENTALPHA chin strap
Chin strap for helmets QUARTZ and BASEBALL DIAMOND
24,60 UAH with VAT
Chin strap for helmets QUARTZ and BASEBALL DIAMOND
29,04 UAH with VAT
BASALPHA sweat bandBASALPHA sweat band
Sweat band for Delta Plus helmet
62,64 UAH with VAT
Universal helmetUniversal helmet
Industrial safety helmet
82,32 UAH with VAT
Visor holder for Delta Plus helmetsVisor holder for Delta Plus helmets
Face shield holder for Delta Plus helmets
129,78 UAH with VAT
FUEGO glasses for Delta Plus helmetsFUEGO glasses for Delta Plus helmets
Protective spectacles for Delta Plus helmets
142,68 UAH with VAT
Quartz1 helmetQuartz1 helmet
Industrial safety helmet with reclosed vents
168,48 UAH with VAT
Quartz3 helmetQuartz3 helmet
Industrial safety helmet
219,54 UAH with VAT
Quartz4 helmetQuartz4 helmet
Industrial safety helmet with reclosed vents
219,54 UAH with VAT
Warm lining WINTERCAPWarm lining WINTERCAP
Winter lining for Delta Plus helmets
219,54 UAH with VAT
SUZUKA earmuffsSUZUKA earmuffs
Ear defenders for safety helmets
227,40 UAH with VAT
Baseball Diamond V helmetBaseball Diamond V helmet
Baseball cap shape industrial safety helmet
304,92 UAH with VAT
Air Coltan bump capAir Coltan bump cap
Bump cap for head protection from protruding objects
305,82 UAH with VAT
Super Quartz helmetSuper Quartz helmet
High temperature resistant safety helmet
321,60 UAH with VAT
KAIZIO bump capKAIZIO bump cap
Bump cap for protection against head blows at still objects
436,86 UAH with VAT
Ear defenders for safety helmets
441,60 UAH with VAT
GRANITE PEAK climbing helmetGRANITE PEAK climbing helmet
Protective helmet for industrial climbing
698,34 UAH with VAT
GRANITE WIND climbing helmetGRANITE WIND climbing helmet
Ventilated protective helmet for industrial climbing
714,06 UAH with VAT
Forestier2 protection setForestier2 protection set
Forester type protection set
910,02 UAH with VAT

Our head is the most important part of our body. Here there are organs through which a man would receive information about the outer environment and the brain a man could not exist without. Injuries to the head may be very serious and for this reason head protection is very important. What are potential hazards? Falling or flying objects are a common cause of head injuries. Besides that, falling or bumping against low standing constructions. These injuries include concussions, open or closed brain injuries, neck sprains. Electrical shock. Splashes and drips of aggressive chemicals or molten metals.

Work safety helmet (hard hat) is obligatory at building sites, demolition areas, metallurgical, chemical, machine building, mining enterprises, ports, loading / unloading warehouse activities.  

The main functional characteristic of a safety helmet is in adsorbing the energy of impacts. This determines the helmet’s construction. A usual industrial safety helmet has got an outer shell made of different plastics like, for example, ABS, polypropylene or high density polyethylene and a headband. The rigid shell resists and deflects blows to the head. The headband can be adjusted to user’s head size. The main principle of protection lies in the headband’s movement within the free zone up to the helmet’s outer shell and adsorbing the blow’s energy. That is why sufficient distance between the headband and the shell is of vital importance. Neglecting this principle will result in direct impact to the head. Some hard hats serve as an insulator against electrical shock. Work helmet can shield the scalp and face against splashes and drips. Some of the helmets can be additionally equipped with protective glasses, shields and ear muffs for hearing protection.

There are also bump caps or caskets the main task of which is to protect head from blows against still low standing objects. Bump caps are made of lightweight plastic materials. Caskets often resemble baseball caps with protective plastic inserts inside. Both of them do not have suspension systems and cannot protect from falling objects or hard blows.

Protective helmets shall be stored at normal room temperatures away from direct sunlight. Helmets shall be cleaned and visually inspected on regular basis. If any defects detected the helmet shall be changed.   

Ukrprofzahyst company is a specialized distributor of Delta Plus industrial helmets. Here you can receive a qualified help on work helmets selection and buy Quartz, Baseball Diamond V safety helmets and Coltan bump caps.

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