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Safety face shields

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Safety face shields with clear polycarbonate screens or metal mesh visors. Head and face protection provided by shields is needed to do such works as stone dressing, sawing wood, cutting grass, handling chemicals, etc.

Welding shields are made of high temperature and molten metal splashes resistant materials. Such shields are equipped with welding filters to protect eyes from bright light and dangerous radiation.

NBT-1 face shieldNBT-1 face shield
Face shield with 2 mm thick impact resistant polycarbonate visor
115,20 UAH with VAT
Profi 4 welding helmetProfi 4 welding helmet
Welding helmet
165,78 UAH with VAT
Visorg metal mesh visorVisorg metal mesh visor
Metal mesh visor for Balbi2 face shield and Forestier2 set
187,38 UAH with VAT
Visorpc polycarbonate visorVisorpc polycarbonate visor
Polycarbonate visor for Balbi2 face shield
274,68 UAH with VAT
Balbi2 face shieldBalbi2 face shield
Face shield with 1 mm thick impact resistant changeable polycarbonate visor
360,96 UAH with VAT
Visor-Toric visorVisor-Toric visor
Polycarbonate visor 1,9/2,0 mm thick for Balbi2 face shield
376,74 UAH with VAT
Casoud welding shieldCasoud welding shield
Welding shield for use with safety helmets
525,72 UAH with VAT
Barrier welding helmetBarrier welding helmet
Auto-darkening welding helmet 4/9-13 (100 60 mm)
4,393,62 UAH with VAT
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