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High visibility clothing is a must at road construction sites. Good visibility of workers to all participants of vehicles movement at or near the construction site is essential to workers’ safety. EN ISO 20471 certified high visibility clothing is considered a PPE for a road worker.

Yellow or orange fluorescent material greatly increases the worker’s visibility. It works particularly well at twilight. During the night time the protection relies upon the reflective material. Car’s headlamps light reflect from the reflective material, comes back to the driver and he or she sees from some great distance that somebody is ahead.

Besides hi-vis cloth one may also need a helmet, spectacles, gloves and heat or cold resistant footwear when working at a road construction site.

Please, notice, that the information below shall be regarded only as general information. We cannot take into account the real working conditions. The information provided shall not be considered as a recommendation to use certain PPEs in your working processes.

VE712 nitrile coated glovesVE712 nitrile coated gloves
Polyester knitted nitrile coated gloves, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
61,80 UAH with VAT
A135 latex coated glovesA135 latex coated gloves
Palm and fingers are coated by a thick layer of latex, EN388: 3,1,3,1
88,86 UAH with VAT
Brava2 safety glassesBrava2 safety glasses
Clear, yellow or smoke polycarbonate mono lens safety glasses
90,00 UAH with VAT
Lynx Hi-Vis vestLynx Hi-Vis vest
High visibility vest, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
132,36 UAH with VAT
Galeras gogglesGaleras goggles
Indirect ventilation goggles
240,00 UAH with VAT
VV750 nitrile coated warm glovesVV750 nitrile coated warm gloves
Nitrile coated winter work gloves, EN388:2016: 3,2,2,1,; EN511: x,2,x
264,00 UAH with VAT
COVENTRY high visibility vestCOVENTRY high visibility vest
High visibility reusable vest with functional pockets and a zipper, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
286,08 UAH with VAT
VV736 winter glovesVV736 winter gloves
Acrylic lining and full latex coating gloves, EN388:2016: 2,2,3,1,; EN511: 1,2,1; EN407: X,2,X,X,X,X
312,00 UAH with VAT
PRESTON HV rain coatPRESTON HV rain coat
High visibility rain and wind protection coat, EN343: 3,1; EN ISO 20471
507,84 UAH with VAT
Baseball Diamond V helmetBaseball Diamond V helmet
Baseball cap shaped industrial safety helmet
600,00 UAH with VAT
High visibility rain and wind protection suit, EN343: 3,1; EN ISO 20471
634,80 UAH with VAT
VV904 Anti-Vibration & impact protective glovesVV904 Anti-Vibration & impact protective gloves
Gloves for protection against vibration and impacts; EN388:2016: 4,2,4,2,X;P
678,00 UAH with VAT
Lantana S1P HRO CI HI bootsLantana S1P HRO CI HI boots
Safety boots, EN ISO 20345: S1P HRO CI HI SRC
924,00 UAH with VAT
Devon S3 CI rigger bootsDevon S3 CI rigger boots
Winter rigger boots, EN ISO 20345: S3 CI SRC
1,002,00 UAH with VAT
DMACH lined working trousersDMACH lined working trousers
Winter work trousers
1,080,00 UAH with VAT
IPSWICH high-visibility parkaIPSWICH high-visibility parka
High-visibility working parka, EN ISO 20471: Class 2; EN343: 3,1
1,330,08 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility trousersPanostyle high visibility trousers
High visibility trousers, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
1,500,00 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility vestPanostyle high visibility vest
High visibility jacket, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
1,542,00 UAH with VAT
SOUTHHAMPTON high-visibility jacketSOUTHHAMPTON high-visibility jacket
Softshell high-visibility working jacket, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
1,995,12 UAH with VAT
CAMARO S3 rigger bootsCAMARO S3 rigger boots
Heat resistant full grain leather upper rigger boots, EN ISO 20345: S3 HRO HI CI SRC
2,136,00 UAH with VAT
OPTIMUM2 high visibility parkaOPTIMUM2 high visibility parka
Multifunctional 3d class high visibility parka, EN ISO 20471: Class 3; EN343: 3,1
2,160,00 UAH with VAT
EASYVIEW high visibility parkaEASYVIEW high visibility parka
High visibility warm coat rain protected, EN ISO 20471: Class 3; EN343: 3,1
2,220,00 UAH with VAT
NORWICH all seasons high vis wearNORWICH all seasons high vis wear
Universal high visibility 5 in 1 wear for all seasons and different weather conditions, EN ISO 20471: Class 3; EN343: 3,1
4,062,84 UAH with VAT
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