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Electric arc welding

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Electric arc welding generates high temperatures to melt the metal. Molten metal vapors go up in the air and then condense into fine aerosol particles which form welding fumes. Disposable or reusable particulate respirators will protect welders from welding fumes. Welding fumes produced in nonferrous metals welding are especially dangerous. Constant or auto-darkening welding filters are used to protect welder’s eyes from strong electromagnetic waves of ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectrum. Welding shield, special protective clothing for working in presence of open fire, welding gloves and boots will protect from molten metal splashes.

Please, notice, that the information below shall be regarded only as general information. We cannot take into account the real working conditions. The information provided shall not be considered as a recommendation to use certain PPEs in your working processes.

1200VC FFP2 respirator1200VC FFP2 respirator
Particulate cup shaped respirator FFP2
60,42 UAH with VAT
1200VWC FFP2 respirator1200VWC FFP2 respirator
Particulate cup shaped valved respirator FFP2 + nuisance level organic vapor protection
63,00 UAH with VAT
Snipe short welding glovesSnipe short welding gloves
Cowhide split leather gloves; EN388: 3,1,2,1
77,82 UAH with VAT
Snipe Winter welding glovesSnipe Winter welding gloves
Lined split cow welding gloves; EN388: 3,1,2,1
85,68 UAH with VAT
Merlin welding gauntletMerlin welding gauntlet
Split cowhide leather welders gauntlet; EN388: 2,1,2,3; EN407: 4,1,X,X,3,X
99,48 UAH with VAT
CA615K welding gauntletCA615K welding gauntlet
Cow split leather welding gauntlet; EN388:2016: 3,1,3,2,; EN407: 4,1,3,,4,; EN12477: A
193,56 UAH with VAT
Profi 4 welding helmetProfi 4 welding helmet
Welding helmet
235,44 UAH with VAT
Welders over sleeves MANCHBWelders over sleeves MANCHB
Welders leather over sleeves
244,50 UAH with VAT
3 9925 FFP2 welder respirator3 9925 FFP2 welder respirator
Cup shaped specialty welder respirator
315,42 UAH with VAT
3 2128 2 R specialty particulate filter3 2128 2 R specialty particulate filter
Reusable particulate filters 2 R + nuisance level vapor protection
318,84 UAH with VAT
Tasoub welding leather apronTasoub welding leather apron
Welding cow split leather apron
370,92 UAH with VAT
Casoud welding shieldCasoud welding shield
Welding shield for use with safety helmets
550,74 UAH with VAT
6000 series half mask6000 series half mask
Reusable half face mask respirator
650,04 UAH with VAT
FR36 welding trousersFR36 welding trousers
These trousers provide comfortable protection in welding and similar processes
1,207,56 UAH with VAT
FR35 welding jacketFR35 welding jacket
This jacket provides comfortable protection in welding and similar processes
1,249,20 UAH with VAT
Maipa flame resistant trousersMaipa flame resistant trousers
Flame resistant trousers
1,495,86 UAH with VAT
Maive flame resistant jacketMaive flame resistant jacket
Flame resistant jacket
1,643,70 UAH with VAT
COBRA S3 welders bootsCOBRA S3 welders boots
Welders safety boots, EN ISO 20345: S3 HRO HI SRC, EN ISO 20349: WG
1,719,96 UAH with VAT
Vesteb cowhide welders jacketVesteb cowhide welders jacket
Cow split leather jacket with Kevlar thread seams
1,736,46 UAH with VAT
Pantab cowhide welders trousersPantab cowhide welders trousers
Cow split leather trousers with Kevlar thread seams
1,736,46 UAH with VAT
BARRIER2 welding helmetBARRIER2 welding helmet
Auto-darkening LCD filter welding helmet
2,782,74 UAH with VAT
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