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Products with discounts

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This section offers products with discounts from regular selling prices. The lower price offers are limited to the available stock of such products.

Protective films for gogglesProtective films for goggles
Protective films for Delta Plus goggles
42,00 UAH with VAT
VE803 nitrile gauntletsVE803 nitrile gauntlets
Nitrile on interlock cotton lining, thickness 0,85 mm / length 33 cm, EN388: 4,X,1,1,X; EN374-1 TYPE A: A,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,T
160,80 UAH with VAT
LENA winter capLENA winter cap
Acryl knitted cap
225,60 UAH with VAT
VV750 nitrile coated warm glovesVV750 nitrile coated warm gloves
Nitrile coated winter work gloves, EN388:2016: 3,2,2,1,; EN511: x,2,x
237,60 UAH with VAT
ASO safety spectaclesASO safety spectacles
Sporty safety spectacles with non-slippery arms made of TPR
276,00 UAH with VAT
VV736 winter glovesVV736 winter gloves
Acrylic lining and full latex coating gloves, EN388:2016: 2,2,3,1,; EN511: 1,2,1; EN407: X,2,X,X,X,X
280,80 UAH with VAT
Mach2 vestMach2 vest
Working multi-pockets vest
288,00 UAH with VAT
CEINT04 lumbar beltCEINT04 lumbar belt
Adjustable lumbar belt with shoulder straps
360,00 UAH with VAT
VENICUT44G3 cut protection glovesVENICUT44G3 cut protection gloves
Pack of 3 pairs of cut resistant gloves with polyurethane coating; EN388:2016: 4,X,4,2,
399,00 UAH with VAT
Mach2 jacketMach2 jacket
Working jacket
570,00 UAH with VAT
CENTO sweat jacketCENTO sweat jacket
Hooded zip-up sweat jacket to match D-MACH series work wear
574,20 UAH with VAT
MACH2 Corporate trousersMACH2 Corporate trousers
Premium quality work trousers
588,00 UAH with VAT
JET S1P shoesJET S1P shoes
Safety shoes S1P SRC
600,00 UAH with VAT
Ecrins S5 CI wellington bootsEcrins S5 CI wellington boots
Lined wellington boots, EN ISO 20345: S5 CI SRC
623,70 UAH with VAT
Jumper S1P bootsJumper S1P boots
Safety boots, EN ISO 20345: S1P SRC
636,00 UAH with VAT
Montbrun S3 safety shoesMontbrun S3 safety shoes
Safety shoe S3 SRC with an extra wide toecap
690,00 UAH with VAT
TAMPA S1P safety trainersTAMPA S1P safety trainers
Textile safety work trainers, EN ISO 20345: S1P SRC
714,24 UAH with VAT
Mach2 Bib & BraceMach2 Bib & Brace
Working Bib & Brace
720,00 UAH with VAT
FIRSAN S1P sandalsFIRSAN S1P sandals
Work sandals, S1P SR protection
722,40 UAH with VAT
M2PW2 lined trousersM2PW2 lined trousers
Warm working trousers
804,00 UAH with VAT
BICAP 3266 2 SRC bootsBICAP  3266 2 SRC boots
Occupational boots, O2
812,16 UAH with VAT
Desman coverallDesman coverall
Working coverall
816,00 UAH with VAT
MACH2 Corporate jacketMACH2 Corporate jacket
Premium quality work jacket
816,00 UAH with VAT
A4041 S1 sandalsA4041 S1 sandals
Safety sandals S1
824,40 UAH with VAT
Lybra S1 safety sandalsLybra S1 safety sandals
White safety sandals, S1 SRC
846,00 UAH with VAT
BICAP 4385 S2 shoesBICAP  4385 S2 shoes
Safety shoes, S2
934,80 UAH with VAT
MACH2 Corporate dungareesMACH2 Corporate dungarees
Premium quality work dungarees
962,40 UAH with VAT
PHOCEA S3 safety shoesPHOCEA S3 safety shoes
Nonmetallic S3 SRC safety shoes
999,00 UAH with VAT
Devon S3 CI rigger bootsDevon S3 CI rigger boots
Winter rigger boots, EN ISO 20345: S3 CI SRC
1,002,00 UAH with VAT
DMACH lined working trousersDMACH lined working trousers
Winter work trousers
1,080,00 UAH with VAT
CALYPSO S3 high bootsCALYPSO S3 high boots
Cut resistant upper high boots, EN ISO 20345: S3 CR SRC
1,608,48 UAH with VAT
Milton parkaMilton parka
High breathability work parka
1,656,00 UAH with VAT
M2PW3 winter trousersM2PW3 winter trousers
Winter working trousers lined with 100% cotton flannel
1,776,60 UAH with VAT
EASYVIEW high visibility parkaEASYVIEW high visibility parka
High visibility warm coat rain protected, EN ISO 20471: Class 3; EN343: 3,1
1,998,00 UAH with VAT
Work parka with increased insulation characteristics
2,160,00 UAH with VAT
ISOLA2 5 in 1 parkaISOLA2 5 in 1 parka
Multifunctional 5 in 1 parka
2,260,80 UAH with VAT
MILTON 2 winter coatMILTON 2 winter coat
Breathable and waterproof parka
2,688,00 UAH with VAT
CADEROUSSE S3 CI winter bootsCADEROUSSE S3 CI winter boots
Fur lined work boots, EN ISO 20345: S3 CI SRC
3,088,80 UAH with VAT
Sporty work safety boots, EN ISO 20345: S3 HRO SRC
3,283,20 UAH with VAT
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