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Venicut41 cut 4 nitrile palm gloves

Venicut41 cut 4 nitrile palm gloves

Taeki® S high density polyethylene level 4 cut resistant fibers with nitrile coating on palm and fingers for a better grip of greasy objects. Sizes: 8/9


EN388: 4,4,4,4

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A621 heat and cut resistant glovesA621 heat and cut resistant gloves
Nitrile coated cut and heat resistant gloves; EN388:2016: 4,X,4,3,D; EN407: ,1,,,,
243,60 UAH with VAT
TERK400 welding gauntletTERK400 welding gauntlet
Welding gauntlet with aluminized back; EN388:2016: 3,2,4,4,; EN407: 4,1,3,4,4,4; EN12477: A
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VV792 ESD antistatic glovesVV792 ESD antistatic gloves
Antistatic knitted gloves with PU coating on fingertips; EN388:2016: X,1,3,X,X
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Venicut55 cut + heat resistant glovesVenicut55 cut + heat resistant gloves
Cut and heat resistant food safe gloves; EN388:2016: 2,X,4,X,C; EN407: ,1,,,,
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Ovenbird heat resistant 350Ovenbird heat resistant 350
Nomex + Kevlar fibers knitted glove for contact up to 350; EN388:2016: 1,4,4,X,C; EN407: 4,3,3,X,3,X
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Venicut5M cut resistant sleeveVenicut5M cut resistant sleeve
Cut and heat resistant sleeve 45 cm; EN388:2016: 3,X,4,X,; EN407: X,1,X,X,X,X
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Protector cut resistant glovesProtector cut resistant gloves
Nitrile coated cut resistant gloves, EN388:2016: 4,X,4,4,C
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VE733 heat resistant glovesVE733 heat resistant gloves
Natural latex coated heat resistant gloves; EN388:2016: 2,1,4,1,; EN407: ,2,,,,
96,00 UAH with VAT
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