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Gloves to protect hands from heated or sharp objects and vibration. Special purpose gloves of this section are produced of such materials as Kevlar, TAEKI® 5 or Dyneema. Additional polyurethane, latex or nitrile coating will ease work load and increase gloves’ usage time.

According to EN388 cutting resistance of work gloves is classified from 0 to 5. This section presents gloves with the protection level 3, 4 or 5. Vecut 41 or Razorbill gloves will be useful for works with oily sharp edge metal, Vecut 54, if such metal is hot. When working with glass, Vecut 42 can be used. Their polyurethane coating will insure soft touch and prevent slipping. Vecut 5 protective sleeves and Vecut 55 gloves will protect hands from sharp knives while dressing meat, fish or poultry. These hands protection products could be cleaned in laundry machines. Ovenbird, KPG10 or Vecut 52 gloves will protect hands from contacts with hot objects.

VE733 heat resistant glovesVE733 heat resistant gloves
Natural latex coated heat resistant gloves; EN388:2016: 2,1,4,1,; EN407: ,2,,,,
62,64 UAH with VAT
VV791 antistatic glovesVV791 antistatic gloves
Antistatic polyamide plus copper knitted gloves; EN388:2016: X,1,3,X,X
78,30 UAH with VAT
VV792 ESD antistatic glovesVV792 ESD antistatic gloves
Antistatic knitted gloves with PU coating on fingertips; EN388:2016: X,1,3,X,X
91,50 UAH with VAT
Venicut5M cut resistant sleeveVenicut5M cut resistant sleeve
Cut and heat resistant sleeve 45 cm; EN388:2016: 3,X,4,X,; EN407: X,1,X,X,X,X
151,68 UAH with VAT
Venicut55 cut + heat resistant glovesVenicut55 cut + heat resistant gloves
Cut and heat resistant food safe gloves; EN388:2016: 2,X,4,X,C; EN407: ,1,,,,
199,38 UAH with VAT
Venicut42 cut 4 PU palm glovesVenicut42 cut 4 PU palm gloves
Taeki S fibers knitted cut resistant glove with PU palm; EN388: 4,4,4,2
211,92 UAH with VAT
Venicut52 cut & heat resistant latex coated glovesVenicut52 cut & heat resistant latex coated gloves
Latex coated cut and heat resistant gloves; EN388:2016: 3,X,4,2,D; EN407: ,2,,,,
222,00 UAH with VAT
VENICUT59 cut resistant glovesVENICUT59 cut resistant gloves
PU coated cut resistant gloves; EN388:2016: 4,X,4,2,D
312,84 UAH with VAT
VENICUT34G3 cut resistant glovesVENICUT34G3 cut resistant gloves
Pack of 3 pairs of cut resistant gloves with polyurethane coating; EN388:2016: 3,X,4,2,B
353,34 UAH with VAT
VENICUT33G3 cut resistant glovesVENICUT33G3 cut resistant gloves
Pack of 3 pairs of cut resistant nitrile coated gloves; EN388:2016: 3,X,4,3,B
389,46 UAH with VAT
VENICUT44G3 cut protection glovesVENICUT44G3 cut protection gloves
Pack of 3 pairs of cut resistant gloves with polyurethane coating; EN388:2016: 4,X,4,2,
405,42 UAH with VAT
VV910 cut & impact protection glovesVV910 cut & impact protection gloves
Nitrile coated cut and impact protection gloves; EN388:2016: 4,X,4,3,D,P
613,14 UAH with VAT
KPG10 cut 5 + heat resistant knitted glovesKPG10 cut 5 + heat resistant knitted gloves
Cut and heat resistant for contact up to 250; EN388:2016: 1,X,4,X,D; EN407: 4,2,X,X,X,X
623,94 UAH with VAT
VV913 cut and impact protection glovesVV913 cut and impact protection gloves
Acryl lined cut and impact protection gloves EN388:2016: 4,X,4,4,D,P; EN511: 1,3,
828,54 UAH with VAT
CRYOG cryogenic glovesCRYOG cryogenic gloves
Water-repellant leather low temperature protection gloves; EN388:2016: 2,2,2,2;X; EN511: 2,3,X
1,738,56 UAH with VAT
TERK400 welding gauntletTERK400 welding gauntlet
Welding gauntlet with aluminized back; EN388:2016: 3,2,4,4,; EN407: 4,1,3,4,4,4; EN12477: A
1,745,88 UAH with VAT
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VV904 Anti-Vibration & impact protective glovesVV904 Anti-Vibration & impact protective gloves
Gloves for protection against vibration and impacts; EN388:2016: 4,2,4,2,X;P
573,48 UAH with VAT
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