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Libra parkaLibra parka
Work parka with removable sleeves
0,00 UAH with VAT
Mornas lined PVC bootsMornas lined PVC boots
Dual PVC boots with fur lining
0,00 UAH with VAT
169 knitted gloves with PVC dots169 knitted gloves with PVC dots
Cotton and polyester knitted gloves with PVC dots, EN388:2016: ,1,2,,
28,56 UAH with VAT
Prosoft nitrile coated glovesProsoft nitrile coated gloves
Foamed nitrile coated knitted polyester gloves, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
58,80 UAH with VAT
VV750 nitrile coated warm glovesVV750 nitrile coated warm gloves
Nitrile coated winter work gloves, EN388:2016: 3,2,2,1,; EN511: x,2,x
264,00 UAH with VAT
COVENTRY high visibility vestCOVENTRY high visibility vest
High visibility reusable vest with functional pockets and a zipper, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
296,94 UAH with VAT
CEINT04 lumbar beltCEINT04 lumbar belt
Adjustable lumbar belt with shoulder straps
360,00 UAH with VAT
Baseball Diamond V helmetBaseball Diamond V helmet
Baseball cap shaped industrial safety helmet
600,00 UAH with VAT
High visibility rain and wind protection suit, EN343: 3,1; EN ISO 20471
658,92 UAH with VAT
Panostyle jacketPanostyle jacket
Panostyle working jacket
804,00 UAH with VAT
Panostyle Bib & BracePanostyle Bib & Brace
Panostyle working Bib & Brace
978,00 UAH with VAT
DMACH lined working trousersDMACH lined working trousers
Winter work trousers
1,080,00 UAH with VAT
Safety shoes, EN ISO 20345: S1P SRC
1,215,90 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility trousersPanostyle high visibility trousers
High visibility trousers, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
1,500,00 UAH with VAT
MIAMI S1P shoesMIAMI S1P shoes
Summer safety shoes with metal toe caps and anti-perforation plates, EN ISO 20345: S1P SRC
1,500,00 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility vestPanostyle high visibility vest
High visibility jacket, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
1,542,00 UAH with VAT
EASYVIEW high visibility parkaEASYVIEW high visibility parka
High visibility warm coat rain protected, EN ISO 20471: Class 3; EN343: 3,1
2,220,00 UAH with VAT
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