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Pesticides in agriculture

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Agricultural weed and pest-killer chemicals often generally called pesticides are widely employed for plants protection from harmful organisms. They could be divided into the following groups depending on their usage:

- Bactericides (are used to fight bacterium);

- Herbicides (are used for weeds control);

- Insecticides (are used to fight insects that are harmful to plants);

- Fungicides (are used to fight bacterium, viruses and fungus).

Pesticides can be divided into the following groups depending on their composition: Fluor organic,   Chlorine organic, containing carbamide, coprum, arsenic, Mercury organic and others.

The pesticide’s composition and the way it is applied define the possible routes of the chemical’s penetration into the human body: respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, through skin or mucous tissue. The same defines personal protection equipment necessary to protect from pesticides.

Working with many kinds of pesticides will require the following types of personal protection equipment: respirator protecting from aerosols, gas or combined gas and aerosols protection; protective goggles, gloves and clothes.

Please, notice, that the information below shall be regarded only as general information. We cannot take into account the real working conditions. The information provided shall not be considered as a recommendation to use certain PPEs in your working processes.

1200VWC FFP2 respirator1200VWC FFP2 respirator
Particulate cup shaped valved respirator FFP2 + nuisance level organic vapor protection
52,02 UAH with VAT
Alto 405 latex and neoprene gauntletsAlto 405 latex and neoprene gauntlets
Latex and neoprene gloves, thickness 0,70 mm, length 33 cm, EN388: 2,1,1,X,X; EN374-1 Type : K, M, T
84,78 UAH with VAT
VE801 nitrile glovesVE801 nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves, thickness 0,40 mm, length 33 cm, EN388: 3,1,X,1,X; EN374-1 TYPE A: J, K, L
86,28 UAH with VAT
3 5911 1 R pre filter3 5911 1 R pre filter
3 pre filters are used along with gas filters to protect against fine particulates
102,96 UAH with VAT
M6000E PREP2 set of filters and retainersM6000E PREP2 set of filters and retainers
Set of 3 P2 R dust filters and 1 retainer
143,34 UAH with VAT
3M 501 retainer3M 501 retainer
Retainer is used to clamp pre filters on to gas filters
174,72 UAH with VAT
Galeras gogglesGaleras goggles
Indirect ventilation goggles
186,48 UAH with VAT
X-GUARD 4510 coverallX-GUARD 4510 coverall
Coverall Type 6/5 + radioactive particles and biologically active substances protection
220,80 UAH with VAT
SUPER VISION 2890 gogglesSUPER VISION 2890 goggles
Indirectly ventilated protective goggles compatible with reusable respirators, EN166: 1BT 3 4 9 KN
222,96 UAH with VAT
PVCC600 glovesPVCC600 gloves
60 cm long PVC fully coated gloves; EN388:2016: 4,1,3,1,; EN374-1 B: A,K,L
241,50 UAH with VAT
M6000E A2 gas filterM6000E A2 gas filter
A2 gas filters for Jupiter reusable half masks
242,88 UAH with VAT
M6100 JUPITER half maskM6100 JUPITER half mask
Single filter cartridge reusable half mask
344,82 UAH with VAT
3 6051 A1 gas filter3 6051 A1 gas filter
Cartridge to protect against organic vapors
450,00 UAH with VAT
3 6057 1 gas filter3 6057 1 gas filter
Cartridge to protect against organic vapors, inorganic and acid gases
485,22 UAH with VAT
6000 series half mask6000 series half mask
Reusable half face mask respirator
771,06 UAH with VAT
Eurofort S5 wellington bootsEurofort S5 wellington boots
Ultimate S5 protection wellington boots
1,095,78 UAH with VAT
3 6000 full face mask3 6000 full face mask
Reusable full face mask
5,463,12 UAH with VAT
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