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Mach2 workwear

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Attention! Mach2 work wear collection has been renewed. You will find pictures of the old and the new separate items of Mach2 collection on the page with the full item’s description. Production of the older models has been stopped. We offer 10% discount from the indicated price on all older models of Mach2 working clothes.

M2gen knee padsM2gen knee pads
2015 cm foamed polyethylene knee pads; EN14404
272,52 UAH with VAT
Mach2 vestMach2 vest
Working multi-pockets vest
Reduced price!
715,44 UAH with VAT
Mach2 trousersMach2 trousers
Working trousers
Reduced price!
741,24 UAH with VAT
Mach2 jacketMach2 jacket
Working jacket
Reduced price!
759,72 UAH with VAT
Mach2 Bib & BraceMach2 Bib & Brace
Working Bib & Brace
Reduced price!
981,42 UAH with VAT
M2PW2 lined trousersM2PW2 lined trousers
Warm working trousers
1,618,08 UAH with VAT
Northwood winter coatNorthwood winter coat
Short padded coat
2,673,60 UAH with VAT
M2CZ2 two zippers working coverallM2CZ2 two zippers working coverall
Working coverall
2,774,40 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Verona baseball capVerona baseball cap
Baseball cap
213,36 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Stockton bodywarmerStockton bodywarmer
Mach2 collection bodywarmer
878,40 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Mach2 lined trousersMach2 lined trousers
Working trousers with a flannel lining
995,88 UAH with VAT
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