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SIZAM workwear

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Work wear of SIZAM trade mark brings some new work wear production trends to Ukrainian customers. Highly functional working pants, bib overalls and jackets made of new up to date fabrics, produced with preformed zones, enhanced size adjusting elements will ensure high wear comfort and convenience.

NEWCASTLE work trousersNEWCASTLE work trousers
NEWCASTLE work ware seriesí trousers
802,08 UAH with VAT
NEWCASTLE work jacketNEWCASTLE work jacket
NEWCASTLE work ware seriesí jacket
838,56 UAH with VAT
NEWCASTLE bib overallNEWCASTLE bib overall
NEWCASTLE work ware seriesí bib overall
1,002,66 UAH with VAT
CHELSEA jacketCHELSEA jacket
CHELSEA work ware seriesí jacket
1,191,00 UAH with VAT
CHELSEA trousersCHELSEA trousers
CHELSEA work ware seriesí trousers
1,215,30 UAH with VAT
SHEFFIELD work jacketSHEFFIELD work jacket
SHEFFIELD work ware seriesí jacket
1,221,42 UAH with VAT
SHEFFIELD work trousersSHEFFIELD work trousers
SHEFFIELD work ware seriesí trousers
1,282,14 UAH with VAT
LIVERPOOL work ware seriesí jacket
1,470,54 UAH with VAT
CHELSEA bib overallCHELSEA bib overall
CHELSEA work ware seriesí bib overall
1,476,60 UAH with VAT
LIVERPOOL trousersLIVERPOOL trousers
LIVERPOOL work ware seriesí trousers
1,500,90 UAH with VAT
SHEFFIELD bib overallSHEFFIELD bib overall
SHEFFIELD work ware seriesí bib overall
1,585,98 UAH with VAT
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