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Safety Jogger

Razorbill cut resistant gloves

Razorbill cut resistant gloves

Cut resistant gloves made or Dyneema fibers. Nitrile coating on palm and fingers for greater abrasive resistance and protection from occasional contacts with greases and petroleum products. Sizes: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10


EN388:2016 Protective gloves against mechanical risks

4    resistance to abrasion (from 1 to 4)

X    resistance to cutting (from 1 to 5)

4    resistance to tear (from 1 to 4)

2    resistance to puncture (from 1 to 4)

C    resistance to cutting by sharp objects (TDM EN ISO 13997) (A - F)

217,92 .

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KPG10 cut 5 + heat resistant knitted glovesKPG10 cut 5 + heat resistant knitted gloves
Cut and heat resistant for contact up to 250; EN388:2016: 1,X,4,X,D; EN407: 4,2,X,X,X,X
688,50 UAH with VAT
VENICUT59 cut resistant glovesVENICUT59 cut resistant gloves
PU coated cut resistant gloves; EN388:2016: 4,X,4,2,D
345,18 UAH with VAT
VV913 cut and impact protection glovesVV913 cut and impact protection gloves
Acryl lined cut and impact protection gloves EN388:2016: 4,X,4,4,D,P; EN511: 1,3,
914,28 UAH with VAT
Protector cut resistant glovesProtector cut resistant gloves
Nitrile coated cut resistant gloves, EN388:2016: 4,X,4,4,C
221,64 UAH with VAT
VE733 heat resistant glovesVE733 heat resistant gloves
Natural latex coated heat resistant gloves; EN388:2016: 2,1,4,1,; EN407: ,2,,,,
69,12 UAH with VAT
Venicut5M cut resistant sleeveVenicut5M cut resistant sleeve
Cut and heat resistant sleeve 45 cm; EN388:2016: 3,X,4,X,; EN407: X,1,X,X,X,X
167,40 UAH with VAT
VV792 ESD antistatic glovesVV792 ESD antistatic gloves
Antistatic knitted gloves with PU coating on fingertips; EN388:2016: X,1,3,X,X
100,98 UAH with VAT
A625 heat and cut resistant glovesA625 heat and cut resistant gloves
Polyurethane coated cut level D and heat resistant for contact up to 100; EN388: 2016: 4,X,4,3,D; EN407: X,1,X,X,X,X
135,72 UAH with VAT
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