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1. Ordering goods

1.1. The products offered at this internet site can be ordered by the internet shop or contacting us by telephones or e-mail shown in Contact section. Minimum order value shall be 200 UAH with VAT.

1.2. More detailed information on goods offered can be obtained by telephones shown in Contact section or by visiting our office at the following address: 4A, Novokostyantynivska Str. (Havansky provulok), Kyiv. Samples of the products offered are exhibited in the office.

1.3. Provided ordered products are available an invoice is issued and sent to buyer’s e-mail or fax.

1.4. A legal entity buyer shall send its company’s legal information for correct paper work and VAT tax registration.

2. Paying invoice

2.1. Prices on this site pages are shown per unit with VAT included. Selling units maybe represented by pieces, pares, packages etc.

2.2. The total sum to be payed is shown in the line « » of the invoice. The sum to be payed does not depend on the buyer being a registered VAT payer or not. This sum shall not be rounded up or down.

2.3. Invoice payment is carried out by 100% advance money transfer to Ukrprofzahyst’ bank account within 3 working days since the invoice date.

2.4. In case the payment has not come within 3 working days term, products availability is not guaranteed. After 3 working days term expiry, buyer shall first get in touch with Ukrprofzahyst’ office to inform of the intention to pay the invoice and receive confirmation of the goods reservation on the order.

2.5. Physical person buyers can pay the invoices by means of internet-banking of turning to a commercial bank. Banks usually charge about 1-3% of the transferred sum. 

3. Goods delivery

3.1. Goods delivery within Ukraine is done by the following transport couriers: Avtoluks, Delivery, InTime, Nova poshta, CAT. Deliveries to customers located in Kyiv are agreed on individually.

3.2. Transportation fees are paid by buyers.

4. Changing and returning goods

4.1. The buyer can change or return the goods received within 14 days since the date the order was shipped. Only the goods containing all original tags and packaging with no sign of wear can be changed or returned.

4.2. Transportation fees are paid by buyers.

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