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Delta Plus, Univet and Cofra protective eye glasses or goggles with lenses made of impact resistant polycarbonate. Depending on construction and materials used work glasses can protect eyes from injuries caused by impacts, flying small solid particles, chemicals or molten metal splashes, and dangerous UV or IR radiation. Protective work eyewear may also feature scratch resistant and anti-fogging coatings to increase usability characteristics and the term of use.

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Protective films for gogglesProtective films for goggles
Protective films for Delta Plus goggles
52,44 UAH with VAT
RUIZ1 gogglesRUIZ1 goggles
Indirect ventilation goggles
57,96 UAH with VAT
Brava2 safety glassesBrava2 safety glasses
Clear, yellow or smoke polycarbonate mono lens safety glasses
59,58 UAH with VAT
Brava2 AB safety spectaclesBrava2 AB safety spectacles
Light weight clear safety spectacles with antifog coating
68,64 UAH with VAT
Kilimandjaro spectaclesKilimandjaro spectacles
Clear lens safety spectacles with side protection
78,72 UAH with VAT
Piton safety spectaclesPiton safety spectacles
Classic model of visitors safety spectacle
79,98 UAH with VAT
Piton2 safety spectaclesPiton2 safety spectacles
New model of visitors safety spectacle
79,98 UAH with VAT
I-LIGHT 2432 safety spectaclesI-LIGHT 2432 safety spectacles
Light weight sporty design safety spectacles with rubberized arms tips
80,76 UAH with VAT
Kilimandjaro AB spectaclesKilimandjaro AB spectacles
Clear lens safety spectacles with side protection
86,82 UAH with VAT
HEKLA safety spectaclesHEKLA safety spectacles
Polycarbonate safety spectacles that can be worn over most of the corrective glasses
97,62 UAH with VAT
MILO safety spectaclesMILO safety spectacles
Impact resistant single lens glasses with ultra-flexible arms
98,10 UAH with VAT
Univet 513 spectaclesUnivet 513 spectacles
Mono lens clear or smoke safety spectacles
98,16 UAH with VAT
Muria1 googlesMuria1 googles
Direct ventilation goggles
98,82 UAH with VAT
Univet 602 gogglesUnivet 602 goggles
Indirect ventilation goggles
103,80 UAH with VAT
I-MAX 2620 / 2621 / 2622 safety spectaclesI-MAX 2620 / 2621 / 2622 safety spectacles
Light weight and comfortable safety spectacles with rubberized arms
106,14 UAH with VAT
Vulcano spectaclesVulcano spectacles
Safety spectacles with adjustable in length and inclinable arms
122,76 UAH with VAT
Egon spectaclesEgon spectacles
Ergonomic spectacles with clear, yellow or smoke lenses
139,62 UAH with VAT
Lipari T5 welding spectaclesLipari T5 welding spectacles
Welding filter spectacles, shade 5
144,48 UAH with VAT
FUEGO glasses for Delta Plus helmetsFUEGO glasses for Delta Plus helmets
Protective spectacles for Delta Plus helmets
146,76 UAH with VAT
LIPARI2 safety spectaclesLIPARI2 safety spectacles
Polycarbonate single lens clear glasses
156,12 UAH with VAT
Galeras gogglesGaleras goggles
Indirect ventilation goggles
173,64 UAH with VAT
SOFT VISION 2820 gogglesSOFT VISION 2820 goggles
Compact low-profile protective goggles
175,62 UAH with VAT
Univet 511 welding spectaclesUnivet 511 welding spectacles
Welding filter spectacles, shade 3 or 5
177,30 UAH with VAT
Univet 506U spectaclesUnivet 506U spectacles
Sports design spectacles
189,42 UAH with VAT
SUPER VISION 2890 gogglesSUPER VISION 2890 goggles
Indirectly ventilated protective goggles compatible with reusable respirators, EN166: 1BT 3 4 9 KN
207,66 UAH with VAT
TOBA 3 T5 gogglesTOBA 3 T5 goggles
Gas welding / cutting goggles with flip up shade 5 lenses
239,40 UAH with VAT
SOFT VISION 2920 indirectly ventilated gogglesSOFT VISION 2920 indirectly ventilated goggles
Compact protective goggles with a silicone sealing, EN166: BT 3 4 9 KN
251,94 UAH with VAT
Univet 603 welding gogglesUnivet 603 welding goggles
Indirect ventilation flip up lens goggles
264,78 UAH with VAT
PACAYA safety glassesPACAYA safety glasses
Single lens safety glasses with a removable foam frame
268,56 UAH with VAT
Univet 619 gogglesUnivet 619 goggles
Indirect ventilation or non-vented goggles with a panoramic 180 view
274,02 UAH with VAT
Thunder spectaclesThunder spectacles
Ergonomic sports design spectacles supplied with a microfiber bag and a cord
274,38 UAH with VAT
PACAYA safety glasses with elastic strapPACAYA safety glasses with elastic strap
Single lens safety glasses with a removable foam frame and an elastic strap
292,14 UAH with VAT
SAJAMA gogglesSAJAMA goggles
Indirectly ventilated goggles with the certified anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings; EN 166: 1 BT 3 4 KN
308,10 UAH with VAT
Fuji spectaclesFuji spectacles
Dual lens clear or gradient orange spectacles
313,62 UAH with VAT
ASO safety spectaclesASO safety spectacles
Sporty safety spectacles with non-slippery arms made of TPR
343,74 UAH with VAT
KILAUEA mirrored safety spectaclesKILAUEA mirrored safety spectacles
Mirrored polycarbonate safety spectacles
417,96 UAH with VAT
KILAUEA polarized safety spectaclesKILAUEA polarized safety spectacles
Polarized polycarbonate safety spectacles
1,145,70 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Univet 520 safety spectaclesUnivet 520 safety spectacles
Visitor over-spectacles
68,82 UAH with VAT
Sold out
OVERSLIM safety spectaclesOVERSLIM safety spectacles
Polycarbonate safety spectacles that can be worn over most of the corrective glasses
82,86 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Univet 511 spectaclesUnivet 511 spectacles
Safety spectacles with side shields and brow guards
100,74 UAH with VAT
Sold out
STEELY safety spectaclesSTEELY safety spectacles
Classic model of safety spectacles, integrated side protection
110,64 UAH with VAT
Sold out
SLIMSHAPE safety spectaclesSLIMSHAPE safety spectacles
Ultralight safety spectacles of wrap-around design
129,78 UAH with VAT
Sold out
RUIZ 1 ACETATE gogglesRUIZ 1 ACETATE goggles
Indirect ventilation goggles with chemical resistant acetate lens
131,82 UAH with VAT
Sold out
WAVY safety spectaclesWAVY safety spectacles
Safety spectacles with a special frame design for more secure fit
216,96 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Idirectly ventilated goggles with a panoramic 180 view
224,82 UAH with VAT
Sold out
WIDEN safety spectaclesWIDEN safety spectacles
Wide single lens safety spectacles with eyebrow protection
282,24 UAH with VAT
Sold out
ROTEXTEN safety spectaclesROTEXTEN safety spectacles
Premium safety spectacles with excellent optical characteristics
282,24 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Univet 5X8 spectaclesUnivet 5X8 spectacles
Clear, yellow or smoke lens spectacles
316,02 UAH with VAT
Sold out
Univet 601 goggles, polycarbonateUnivet 601 goggles, polycarbonate
Univet 601 goggles, polycarbonate
341,82 UAH with VAT
Sold out
KILAUEA clear safety spectaclesKILAUEA clear safety spectacles
Clear non-reflecting antistatic polycarbonate safety spectacles
375,84 UAH with VAT

Thousands of people are blinded each year from occupational eye injuries. Those injuries could have been prevented if workers were wearing protective glasses. The major types of accidents that cause blindness include:

- Small objects hitting the eye (dust, powder, smoke, mist) when doing such works as crushing, grinding, polishing, plating, painting;

- Big objects striking the eye (swinging chain or rope, thrown and fallen instrument, knife or another sharp object, barrier);

- Chemical splashes, toxic gases or vapors;

- Molten metal splashes;

- Welding, cutting or melting metals usually generate heat, glare, UF or IR radiation;

- Lasers used in production are very dangerous to the eyes;

- Some biologically active substances that do not cause blindness may penetrate through the eye and infect the body.

Glasses may be used to protect eyes from blows, bright light, UF or IR radiation and direct hitting of small particles. Glasses’ lenses are often made of polycarbonate. Unlike glass, polycarbonate lenses are much lighter and they can withstand a significant impact. Special coatings are applied to polycarbonate lenses to protect them from scratches (As) and fogging (Af). Protective glasses with clear lenses will be useful in normal working conditions, yellow lenses for insufficient lightning or surface control, smoked or brown lenses for protection from bright light, green lenses with shade 3 or 5 for gas welding. Working glasses that we offer have got polycarbonate lenses with the highest level of optical clarity. Requirements to safety glasses are defined by EN166, EN169, EN170, EN175 standards.

Goggles lay closer to the face and better than glasses protect the eyes. Besides protecting from mechanical injuries and dangerous radiation, some goggles may be used for works with chemicals, molten metal or fine particles. Goggles can be divided into 3 groups: with direct ventilation, with indirect ventilation and without ventilation.

Ukrprofzahyst company is a specialized distributor of Delta Plus and Univet work eyewear. Here you can receive a qualified help on protective eyewear selection and buy work goggles or glasses with clear, yellow, dark or green (welding) polycarbonate lenses.

Ukrprofzahyst internet shop offers high quality protective eye wear . You can order and purchase safety spectacles or goggles in retail or wholesale quantities with delivery within Kyiv and Ukraine.

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