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Delta Plus


Delta Plus

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Work clothing shall comply with special safety requirements of different industries and add to work productivity increase. Material used for workwear production and its construction could lead to work injury. And vice versa, the work clothing chosen to the task will assist in work safety and production rate increase, better ergonomics, lowering expenses for the cloth cleaning and repairing.

We offer workwear sewn of standard material in standardized full-scale production so that that you could buy the same high quality clothing. Work cloth collections produced by Delta Plus and Cerva may consist of the following items: work coveralls, bib overalls, pants, shorts, multi pocket vests, jackets, shirts, tee-shirts, caps.

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Atoll beltAtoll belt
Waist belt
133,98 UAH with VAT
Jura winter knit capJura winter knit cap
Acryl knitted cap
180,48 UAH with VAT
Baltic polar fleece balaclavaBaltic polar fleece balaclava
Polar fleece balaclava
192,72 UAH with VAT
MAPOC pockets set for instrumentsMAPOC pockets set for instruments
Set of two removable instruments holders
201,60 UAH with VAT
LENA winter capLENA winter cap
Acryl knitted cap
234,96 UAH with VAT
Kara fleece hatKara fleece hat
Fleece hat Thinsulate lined
255,36 UAH with VAT
M2gen knee padsM2gen knee pads
2015 cm foamed polyethylene knee pads; EN14404
256,50 UAH with VAT
Panostyle vestPanostyle vest
Panostyle multi-pocket vest
630,90 UAH with VAT
Sierra bodywarmerSierra bodywarmer
Work bodywarmer
669,30 UAH with VAT
PALAOS working trousersPALAOS working trousers
Working trousers made of prewashed cotton fabric
670,08 UAH with VAT
PALAOS working jacketPALAOS working jacket
Working jacket made of prewashed cotton fabric
701,52 UAH with VAT
Mach2 vestMach2 vest
Working multi-pockets vest
Reduced price!
715,44 UAH with VAT
Mach2 trousersMach2 trousers
Working trousers
Reduced price!
741,24 UAH with VAT
Mach2 jacketMach2 jacket
Working jacket
Reduced price!
759,72 UAH with VAT
Sierra2 body warmerSierra2 body warmer
Enhanced version of Sierra body warmer
802,14 UAH with VAT
VERNON polar fleece jacketVERNON polar fleece jacket
Black, red or royal blue fleece jacket
853,98 UAH with VAT
Panostyle trousersPanostyle trousers
Panostyle working trousers
893,94 UAH with VAT
Panostyle white painter trousersPanostyle white painter trousers
Painter white working trousers
917,76 UAH with VAT
Panostyle jacketPanostyle jacket
Panostyle working jacket
952,68 UAH with VAT
Mach2 Bib & BraceMach2 Bib & Brace
Working Bib & Brace
Reduced price!
981,42 UAH with VAT
Darwin parkaDarwin parka
Work parka with elasticated wrists
984,96 UAH with VAT
D-Mach trousersD-Mach trousers
Working trousers
1,028,70 UAH with VAT
New generation Mach2 working trousersNew generation Mach2 working trousers
Trousers of the new generation Mach2 workwear collection
1,070,58 UAH with VAT
MACH2 Corporate trousersMACH2 Corporate trousers
Premium quality work trousers
1,071,36 UAH with VAT
Fidji bodywarmerFidji bodywarmer
Bodywarmer with fleece lining
1,117,44 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility trousersPanostyle high visibility trousers
High visibility trousers, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
1,138,14 UAH with VAT
D-Mach jacketD-Mach jacket
Working jacket
1,152,00 UAH with VAT
CENTO sweat jacketCENTO sweat jacket
Hooded zip-up sweat jacket to match D-MACH series work wear
1,153,92 UAH with VAT
D-Spirit safety trainers S1 HROD-Spirit safety trainers S1 HRO
Light weight nonmetal protective trainers, EN ISO 20345: S1P HRO SRC
Reduced price!
1,161,60 UAH with VAT
Panostyle high visibility vestPanostyle high visibility vest
High visibility jacket, EN ISO 20471: Class 2
1,165,80 UAH with VAT
Panostyle Bib & BracePanostyle Bib & Brace
Panostyle working Bib & Brace
1,208,82 UAH with VAT
MACH2 Corporate jacketMACH2 Corporate jacket
Premium quality work jacket
1,243,38 UAH with VAT
New generation Mach2 working jacketNew generation Mach2 working jacket
Jacket of the new generation Mach2 workwear collection
1,256,82 UAH with VAT
Mach2 women work trousersMach2 women work trousers
Women trousers of the new generation Mach2 workwear collection
1,270,62 UAH with VAT
Polyester Pongee parka
1,371,24 UAH with VAT
New generation Mach2 working dungareesNew generation Mach2 working dungarees
Dungarees of the new generation Mach2 workwear collection
1,433,82 UAH with VAT
MACH2 Corporate dungareesMACH2 Corporate dungarees
Premium quality work dungarees
1,434,60 UAH with VAT
MCPA2 trousersMCPA2 trousers
Ripstop fabric work trousers of renewed MACH2 Corporate work wear collection
1,482,96 UAH with VAT
M5PA2 trousersM5PA2 trousers
Heavy duty work trousers of Mach5 Spirit series
1,483,80 UAH with VAT
M5VE2 jacketM5VE2 jacket
Heavy duty work jacket of Mach5 Spirit series
1,492,80 UAH with VAT
D-Mach Bib & BraceD-Mach Bib & Brace
Working Bib & Brace
1,494,90 UAH with VAT
G-DOON bodywarmerG-DOON bodywarmer
PU coated polyamide ripstop bodywarmer
1,501,02 UAH with VAT
M2PW2 lined trousersM2PW2 lined trousers
Warm working trousers
1,522,92 UAH with VAT
MCVE2 jacketMCVE2 jacket
Ripstop fabric work jacket of renewed MACH2 Corporate work wear collection
1,621,20 UAH with VAT
Goteborg parkaGoteborg parka
PVC coated twill polyester parka
1,655,04 UAH with VAT
EASYVIEW high visibility parkaEASYVIEW high visibility parka
High visibility warm coat rain protected, EN ISO 20471: Class 3; EN343: 3,1
1,658,88 UAH with VAT
LULEA2 soft-shell jacketLULEA2 soft-shell jacket
Soft-shell jacket for an active work at cool temperatures
1,711,44 UAH with VAT
KOLDY thermoregulatory underwearKOLDY thermoregulatory underwear
Thermoregulatory set of long sleeve t-shirt and long Johns
1,758,66 UAH with VAT
MCSA2 dungareesMCSA2 dungarees
Ripstop fabric work dungarees of renewed MACH2 Corporate work wear collection.
1,889,64 UAH with VAT
D-Mach coverallD-Mach coverall
Working coverall
1,893,84 UAH with VAT
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