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Noise reducing ear plugs and earmuffs are used for hearing protection when workers are exposed to loud noise. Earplugs are often chosen for long-lasting stay in the noisy environment. Disposable earplugs are usually made of foamy polyurethane that accommodates to the form of the ear canal. Reusable earplugs are often produced of soft polymers that could be easily cleaned with soap and water. Noise reducing earmuffs are usually handier for short term noise protection. We offer disposable and reusable earplugs, passive or active earmuffs produced by 3M and Delta Plus.

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3M 1100 foam ear plugs3M 1100 foam ear plugs
Roll down foam ear plugs, SNR: 37 dB
8,52 UAH with VAT
3M 1110 corded foam ear plugs3M 1110 corded foam ear plugs
Roll down foam ear plugs with a polyester cord, SNR: 37 dB
21,42 UAH with VAT
3M 1271 reusable ear plugs3M 1271 reusable ear plugs
Reusable ear plugs with a polyester cord and a storage case, SNR: 25 dB
94,20 UAH with VAT
3M Ultrafit reusable ear plugs3M Ultrafit reusable ear plugs
Reusable ear plugs with a vinyl cord, SNR: 32 dB
103,56 UAH with VAT
3 Tracer reusable ear plugs3 Tracer reusable ear plugs
Food detectable reusable ear plugs, SNR: 32 dB
124,98 UAH with VAT
3M Optime 1 earmuffs3M Optime 1 earmuffs
Earmuffs with a metal wire headband, SNR: 27 dB
1 007,10 UAH with VAT
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