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VISOR TORIC polycarbonate visor

VISOR TORIC polycarbonate visor
VISOR TORIC polycarbonate visor 1

VISOR TORIC polycarbonate visor. Clear impact resistant polycarbonate visor, thickness: 1,9 – 2,0 mm. Electric Arc and molten metal protection. Anti-scratch coating for an increased lifespan. Universal fixing. Suitable for BALBI2, PICO2, VISOR-H and VISOR HOLDER. Size: 9 x 20 cm.


EN166:2001 Personal eye-protection - Specifications.

1AT 89 (1 – the highest level of optical class; A – high energy impact at 190 m/s; T - impact resistance within -5° - + 55°C; 8 – short circuit electric arc resistance; 9 – resistance to splashes of molten metal and penetration of hot solids)

394,68 грн.

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