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Delta Plus


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VE730 foamy latex coated gloves

VE730 foamy latex coated gloves


VE730 polycotton knitted work gloves. Foamy latex coating on palm and fingers for an excellent contact with slippery surfaces. Elastic wrist. Color: orange. Sizes: 8 / 9 / 10


Type of product           knitted work gloves with foamed latex coating

Application       hands protection from dirt and mechanical risks when handling slippery objects

Material            cotton + polyester + palm and fingers foamed latex coating

Sizes                8, 9, 10

Color                white + orange

Packaging        12 pares in a pack / 120 pares in a box


EN420:2003 + 1:2009 Protective gloves. General requirements.

EN388:2016 Protective gloves against mechanical risks.

Producer          Delta Plus

Possible application    VE730 foamed latex coated gloves could be used for handling large slippery surface objects. They will be especially useful in furniture production and assembling, machine building and construction works.   

Certified to standards

EN420:2003+A1:2009 General requirements

5   Dexterity (from 1 to 5)

Among other requirements EN420 standard sets the sizes of the working gloves (please, go to to the section Additional information for detailed information on of work gloves sizes). To quickly check your possible gloves size do as follows: measure the width of your palm approximately 1 cm under the fingers. If the width is, for example, 9 cm you should try gloves of the 9th size.

EN388:2016 Protective gloves against mechanical risks

2   resistance to abrasion (1 - 4)

1   resistance to cutting (1 - 5)

4   resistance to tear (1 - 4)

2   resistance to puncture (1 - 4)

X   resistance to cutting by sharp objects (TDM EN ISO 13997) (from A to F)

X defines unrealized test.

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