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Knit work gloves can have coatings of latex, nitrile, PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). Comparing to knit gloves coated knit gloves provide much higher level of hands protection from mechanical injures and dirt.

Latex, nitrile or PVC coating creates a barrier stopping liquids as well as the air. On the contrary PU coating has a very good breathability but liquids will also penetrate it easily. Foam latex easily produces textured coating to prevent slipping. Foam latex work gloves will be handy for working with polished surfaces and glass. Though, it should be noted that latex coating is ruined quickly by contacts with animal, vegetable fats and greases. It is better to use nitrile coated gloves for operations with such substances present. PU coated gloves will do better for higher abrasion dry works requiring good hands sensitivity.

VE703NO polyurethane coated glovesVE703NO polyurethane coated gloves
New: 3/4 polyurethane coated work gloves; EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
43,20 UAH with VAT
VE702PG PU coated glovesVE702PG PU coated gloves
Polyurethane coated polyester gloves, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
44,40 UAH with VAT
VE702PN PU coated glovesVE702PN PU coated gloves
Polyurethane coated polyester gloves, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,X
45,60 UAH with VAT
VE712 nitrile coated glovesVE712 nitrile coated gloves
Polyester knitted nitrile coated gloves, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
61,80 UAH with VAT
VE630 latex coated glovesVE630 latex coated gloves
Knitted gloves with foamed latex coatings, EN388:2016: 2,1,3,1,
72,00 UAH with VAT
VE715GR nitrile coated glovesVE715GR nitrile coated gloves
Knitted polyester gloves with 3/4 nitrile coating, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
98,40 UAH with VAT
VV733 Hi-Viz latex coated glovesVV733 Hi-Viz latex coated gloves
Foamed latex coated high visibility work gloves, EN388:2016: 2,1,3,1,
111,60 UAH with VAT
VE727 PU coated glovesVE727 PU coated gloves
Knitted PU coated gloves with nitrile dots, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
165,60 UAH with VAT
VV750 nitrile coated warm glovesVV750 nitrile coated warm gloves
Nitrile coated winter work gloves, EN388:2016: 3,2,2,1,; EN511: x,2,x
264,00 UAH with VAT
VV736 winter glovesVV736 winter gloves
Acrylic lining and full latex coating gloves, EN388:2016: 2,2,3,1,; EN511: 1,2,1; EN407: X,2,X,X,X,X
312,00 UAH with VAT
Sold out
VE702GR polyurethane coated glovesVE702GR polyurethane coated gloves
Polyamide knitted PU coated gloves, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
0,00 UAH with VAT
Sold out
VE730 foamy latex coated glovesVE730 foamy latex coated gloves
Polyester and cotton knitted latex coated gloves, EN388:2016: 2,1,4,2,
0,00 UAH with VAT
Sold out
VE713 nitrile coated glovesVE713 nitrile coated gloves
Polyamide knitted gloves with double nitrile coatings, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
0,00 UAH with VAT
Sold out
VE722 foamed nitrile coated glovesVE722 foamed nitrile coated gloves
Foamed nitrile coated working gloves, EN388:2016: 4,1,2,1,
0,00 UAH with VAT
Sold out
VV636 nitrile coated glovesVV636 nitrile coated gloves
Double nitrile coating on polyamide support, EN388:2016: 3,1,2,1,
0,00 UAH with VAT
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